When making films or any video projects, it wouldn’t be complete if there are no intro scenes included, though it has already become a trend among movies to start right away and put the title card and the film industry logos at the end of the film. In movies, before the actual video starts, the production companies will be introduced via logos.

Most filmmakers, both amateur and professional, would use Adobe After Effects to make these logo designs. What’s great about After Effects is that it’s user-friendly, easy to learn, and also easy to master, which is why it has become the go-to software used by most film industries.

To make the task much easier, especially for the amateur ones, filmmakers would take advantage of pre-made templates that are found all over the Internet and simply modify these to be able to make the logo introductions that they need for their films. And on this page, we have a collection of these logo animation templates that you may download and use on your After Effects. Check out the various templates below by scrolling down.

Floating Colors Logo Animation Template

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The first animated logo template on this list involves different colored particles floating upward and leaving along a trace of their respective colors. At the end of this animation, those colors come together in the middle, covering almost the entire screen that slowly reveals the professional logo design behind it. This is a good logo template for those videos that will be utilizing multiple colors, or those video projects that have an artistic, almost abstract theme.

Broken Glass Pieces Logo Template

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For this animated logo template, it shows shards of randomly shaped broken glass pieces floating all over the screen and slowly moving away from the viewer. After a few seconds, a blurred image of the logo comes into view and slowly sharpens, while the shard pieces around the screen become out of focus. This template offers two colors of the glass pieces and the logo itself, and you can choose between gold and metallic gray for the color scheme.

Morphing Shapes Logo Intro Template

screenshot from 2017 09 08 12 18 36

If you want a simpler logo animation for your video, then the one above may be what you need. For this animation template, it begins by showing a bright-colored background with some lines running across the screen in a circular, hexagonal, or triangular manner. Once the lines disappear, the shape that the lines were trying to form is then revealed, while at the same time, revealing the creative logo design in the middle of the screen over a white background.

Rain on Glass Opening Logo Template

screenshot from 2017 09 08 12 18 54

For a dramatic look on the way your logo animation is presented, you may want to consider checking out this template. Not much can be explained regarding this template since the title on top of the screenshot pretty much explains what it is about. The clip starts by revealing the logo coming into focus, and the background appears to be a glass surface with drops of water from the rain going down it. For this template, you can choose between a daylight yellow or a fluorescent blue color scheme.

Particles Impact Logo Reveal Template

screenshot from 2017 09 08 12 19 27

Here is another very straightforward logo animation for those who prefer to have an uncomplicated presentation of their logo for their video projects. Basically, the video starts by showing a gradient background—which can either be blue, yellow, or pink, depending on your preference—with a glaring lens flare effect on the left side of the screen. After a few seconds, circular particles suddenly fly from the left side of the screen to the right, revealing the logo in the process. If you want to change the font for the text, you may refer to our gallery of the best animated fonts for video editors.

If you want a creative and colorful way of revealing your logo, then check out the animation template shown above. The animation focuses on splatters of various colored paint drops on a white surface which then reveals the logo on that surface. We are then shown an overhead view of the logo with paint splatters all over it, in which after a split second, white paint is thrown on the logo, cleaning it and making it stand out from its multicolored background.

Television Glitch Noise Logo Reveal Template

screenshot from 2017 09 08 12 20 45

During the time when digital televisions were not yet a thing, and that for a television to be able to show something, it would require the use of an external antenna. This antenna would need to be positioned well and its rabbit ears should be at the perfect angles to be able to get the best reception. However, if the antenna isn’t positioned correctly, the screen glitches and becomes noisy or grainy in a way similar to how this logo animation appears. If you are making a video that is vintage-themed, about analog devices, or even a horror film, then this animation may be an ideal choice to download.

Drones have become very popular over the recent years and are being used by construction companies, film industries, and simply for recreational activities. While some of the more high-end drones are quite pricey, there are also those that are being offered for a very reasonable price, which is one reason behind its significant growth in use. Today, we can already say that drones are a thing of the future because of the fact that what videographers are unable to achieve back then can already be achieved now while keeping both feet on the ground. But for the drone on the animation above, it takes that saying to a whole new level, as evidenced by the hologram emitted by the drone in place of the camera, and this hologram provides us with an image of the company logo design.

Though we can say that this logo reveal animation is short and simple, we can also say that the logo here is presented in a rather intense manner, as evidenced by it being slammed on to what seems to be a concrete or metal surface. If you want to keep your logo reveal straightforward but still visually exciting, then the animation template above may be able to provide you with those aspects. If you are into Japanese anime, then you might also be interested in our collection of the best-animated movie poster, which you can download and set as your computer’s desktop background.

Simple Flip Animation Logo Reveal Template

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Here is another very simple logo reveal animation that may be the perfect template to use if you are using a minimalist brandmark or lettermark logo design, though this can also be used for other types of logos, if you wish. This animation starts by initially showing the outline of the logo design, after which the shape of the logo—it could be a circle logo design—is revealed but only shows the rear side of the logo itself. The logo then turns around which then reveals the symbol on the front side, and then the text slides down from behind the logo, which can be used to write a short tagline.

Business Logo Pieces Buildup Animation Template

screenshot from 2017 09 08 12 22 51

Looking somewhat similar to a previous logo animation template that we have shown you, which involved shards of broken glass pieces, this one starts off showing broken pieces of the logo floating around the screen. The difference, however, with this animation template is that the different pieces slowly come together in the middle to form the logo as a whole. So for those wanting to build some anticipation before the logo is revealed, then this animation template may work ideally for you.

Three-Dimensional Glossy Logo Animation Template

screenshot from 2017 09 08 12 23 10

For a cinematic approach to how your logo is presented, the template above will provide you with that movie-like feel. The shiny, three-dimensional logo is already revealed right away at the very start of the clip, but only sections of the logo is shown. For the first few seconds of the clip, we are shown what the logo looks like at multiple perspectives, and only at the final seconds of the clip are we provided with an overall look at the logo as well as the tagline.

Digital Glitch Logo Distortion Animation Template

screenshot from 2017 09 08 12 29 03

Here is another clip of a company logo design reveal animation that involves glitch and noise effects, but unlike the previous one that had an analog and vintage style, this one leans more toward a digital and modern approach. The noise effects for this animation is minimal, placing more emphasis on distortion and hue changes, which is reminiscent to glitches seen when the reception is bad or there is an interference detected on the signal.

Regardless if you are in a film industry or you simply want to animate your logo for television advertisements, make your lives easier by using these pre-designed logo animation templates. Since you are already halfway done in making your own animated logo presentation, after picking out the template that best suits the nature of your company, you will only need to modify it to further make it more appropriate for the company that you are managing.

The aspects that most likely will need to be modified are the logo and the name of the company (of course), the color scheme, and some other minor details that need to be edited. But then, if you still haven’t designed a logo for your company yet, then you may want to read our list of the five elements of a logo design for reference.

These templates were created by skillful and imaginative graphic artists and animators, and we have looked all over the Internet to be able to find only the best ones for you. Downloading these can be done easily with just a click of a button, just make sure you have a stable Internet connection before starting to download any of these templates, and though these templates are in high quality and are professional-grade, they can be downloaded for a very reasonable fee.

Aside from these templates, you may also want to use plugins for your After Effects, and we may just have a list of the five best After Effects plugins that you can download and install. So, have you found what you need on this page? If you did, download the template now so you can get started in making your own logo animation using After Effects.

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