Who doesn’t love dogs? Even if you’re not an avid animal lover, you wouldn’t really say that you hate dogs, right? What is there to hate about dogs? They are fun-loving, selflessly affectionate, and loyal animals, and they would even go as far as to give up their own lives just for their owners. When you hear the words “Dogs are man’s best friend,” it is because they are more caring toward their humans than they do toward themselves.

But there are so many types of dogs, so many that they are even being categorized according to their size and purpose. Some of these categories include sporting and non-sporting dogs, working dogs, herding dogs, and toy breeds. And for each category are the various specific breeds which include but are not limited to the German shepherds, Rottweilers, Labrador retrievers, French bulldogs, Pomeranians, and many more.

If you are a die-hard dog lover, and you are not ashamed to show the world how much of a dog lover you are, then you may be interested in what we have to offer for you here. Just in time for the year of the dog, we have fifteen of the most adorable dog illustration designs below that we have gathered from the Internet. Whatever your purpose for these illustrations may be, we guarantee that it will add joy and cuteness to your projects. Can’t wait to get started? Check out the illustrations below.

Happy Dawg Vector Illustration Design


Let’s begin this article by checking out this vector illustration of an adorable puppy named Dawg, which is a brown-colored toy breed type of dog. This is the perfect illustration to use if you need images for animal- or pet-related events. You may also want to use this if you are managing a pet clinic or even an animal shelter, you can incorporate this to your promotional materials.

Bundled Silhouette Dog Illustration Designs


Silhouette art has been in existence since the mid-18th century, but started out in a slightly different form than it is today. Silhouette artworks back then were cutouts of portraits from black cards, and this was a common—and inexpensive—way of making portraits. If you need silhouette illustrations of dogs, we have an entire set above that you may want to check out. As you can see from the image, the illustrations are not only limited to dogs but also paw prints, dog dishes, and bone-shaped name tags.

Marvelous Shih Tzu Dog Illustration Design


The shih tzu dog—also known as the Chrysanthemum dog—is probably one of the most notable toy breeds, and these are said to have originated somewhere in the Tibet Plateau near China, though this has yet to be confirmed. Shih tzus are known to be affectionate, loyal, and outgoing, but also have a stubborn personality especially during its puppy years. If this is the kind of dog illustration that you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to download it.

Good Boy Sitting Dog Illustration Design


French Bulldog Vector Portrait Illustration Design


The French bulldog—often shortened to Frenchie—is another very popular toy breed that is said to have resulted from a cross between bulldog ancestral breeds from England and Paris. According to a survey in 2014, the Frenchie ranked fourth and sixth as the most popular dog breeds in the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively. Aside from its good looks, French bulldogs are also known to be loving, well-behaved, and intelligent, which is why they have easily become one of the most favorite dog breeds in the United States. Here’s an idea on how you can make use of these portrait illustrations, you can shrink them down and use them as dog icons.

Standing Fox Terrier Dog Illustration Design


Rottweiler Vector Portrait Illustration Design


Here is a flat illustration of a rottweiler dog, which is a herding dog breed regarded as being between medium-large to large in size. Back then, Germans would use rottweilers herding livestock and dragging carts that contain butchered meat to the market. Today, this dog breed is being used as search and rescue dogs, as well as police dogs.

Smiling English Bulldog Illustration Design


Cartoon Dog Vector Illustration Design


Dalmatian Vector Portrait Illustration Design


Sitting Boxer Dog Illustration Design


Happy Cartoon Puppy Illustration Design


Check out the cute illustration of a happy sitting dog above, his smile is undoubtedly contagious that you would want to make this as the wallpaper for your computer. Do you want to make this graphic illustration even more interesting? Why not add a text balloon above and write something that you think is inside this little dog’s mind?

Arms Spread Happy Puppy Illustration Design


After seeing all those cute and wonderful dog illustration designs, we are pretty sure you’re now getting close to downloading one, but you still have a few questions in mind. One of which would be with regards to where these designs were gathered from. Just to be clear, we did not make these illustrations ourselves, all we did was to gather them from various sources so you won’t have to. These designs were actually created by some of today’s most talented graphic artists from all over the world.

Next concern would most likely be with regards to the expense of being able to download these illustrations. Many of you may have the impression that downloading any of these designs will cost a fortune, but you actually won’t have to. These illustrations can be downloaded for a very reasonable fee, guaranteed, which means that you no longer need to break your budget just to get your hands on high-quality illustrations.

And then if you are into editing, you may wonder if these designs can be customized. You may be glad to hear that they can. As long as you have the needed editing tool for the respective design format, you may very well be able to customize these designs as much as you want, without any hassle at all. Is there any catch to all of these awesome features? No there aren’t. The reason behind all of these is to bring high quality and professionally designed dog illustrations to everyone—especially dog lovers—in the most convenient and stress-free way possible. But if you are looking for more dog-related designs, you may also want to check out our collection of dog logo designs.

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