Whether we like it or not, books have slowly become irrelevant in today’s generation, especially with the constantly evolving technology. But we are not referring to just any form of book, we are actually talking about the traditional printed on paper books that could either be soft or hardbound. Don’t believe us? Have you ever thought about what happened to the encyclopedias? People today would rather go online and look for what they need using search engines or online encyclopedias, as opposed to the people back then who had to go through piles of reference books just to be able to gather the information they need.

As a way of promoting the relevance of books back to the people—especially the younger generations—we have here a collection of book illustration designs that you can use for various reasons. You may want to use these illustrations as elements to enhance the appearance of your promotional tools, or you may also use it for presentations. Regardless of your purpose for using illustrations, save yourself the time and effort by using the ones that we are offering below than having to make them yourself. If you wish to check out the various book illustration designs that we have in store for you, go ahead and scroll down.

Hand-Sketched Open Book Illustration Design


Have you ever asked yourself regarding the purpose of illustrations? If you already know the answer to that, then you can proceed to checking out the illustration design above. As you can see from the image, it is a hand-sketched book illustration that resembles those used for caricature art or those that are being used on instructional materials.

Flat Black Open Book Illustration Design


Or maybe you would rather want to go for a silhouette illustration or an achromatic look for you book illustration design, because why not?

Frequently Asked Questions Book Illustration Design


If you’re planning on designing a website, it is always best to include a Frequently Asked Questions section for those who have inquiries. To guide your visitors on where to go if ever they want to ask something, a clickable icon should be added to the home page of the website, and the book illustration above would be perfect for that purpose.

Hand-Sketched Book Pile Illustration Design


Why Are Books Very Important in Our Lives?

  • Through reading books, it exposes us to things that we may or may not have heard before. These things could either be new information, new ideas, new methods of solving problems, and even new ways that can achieve our goals.
  • Reading books may help you to uncover and develop some hidden talents or hobbies that you were not even familiar with before, it may even make you realize how much you love reading.
  • Believe it or not, reading can also help you to become a better person. Through reading books, you may be able to understand the world and the people around you even more. And, you wouldn’t be able to understand all of that if you haven’t learned to understand yourself in the first place.
  • Reading books—especially fiction—is a very good way of reducing stress and promoting entertainment. Aside from that, reading fictional stories is also capable of stimulating our imagination.

What Are the Types of Books?

When we say “types” of books, that is a very broad way of distinguishing books. It could either mean the manner of which the book is written, the audience that the book aims to entertain, or the content of the book itself. But to make it easier for you, we will be listing down the types of books most commonly recognized by readers.

  • Fiction Books. From the name itself, you can already determine that the content of these books are totally made up or were loosely based on some factual events. Novels and comic books are only some of the most common forms of fictional books. Under this type of books are different genres which include but are not limited to sci-fi, drama, action, adventure, and mystery.
  • Non-Fiction Books. The exact opposite of fictional books, and these contain 100 percent factual information. The most common form of non-fictional books are biographies, but there are other forms under this type of book. This includes historical books, text books, and event travel books.
  • Satire Books. When we say satire, it is defined as a way of making fun of, exaggerating, criticizing, or ridiculing the vices and stupidities of others. The topics most commonly tackled in satirical books would include political cases, environmental issues, or other matters concerning the people nowadays.

Sparkling Fantastical Book Illustration Design


Books—most especially fictional ones—are filled with all sorts of surprises that as you turn to the next page, you wouldn’t know what to expect from it. The graphic illustration design above effectively visualizes that concept by showing sparks fly from the opened book.

Opened Book of Dreams Illustration Design


Here is another very artistic way of symbolizing the contents of a book, that with each page, it allows you to dream and make creative thoughts inside your head. Whether you believe it or not, but even the shortest fictional book is capable of stimulating your brain to make imaginations that are out of this world.

Layered Open Book Vector Illustration Design


Flat Minimalist Open Book Vector Illustration Design


Books Throughout the Years

  • During the 3rd millennium BC, books came in the form of tablets, but these tablets are totally different from today’s tablet PCs; these were made of clay. There were two ways that people were able to write on clay tablets, and the first one was by using a sharp-tipped object for writing characters on to a soft/moist clay before drying it out through fire. The other method is by engraving the characters on to an already-hardened clay by use of a pointed object and a hammer-like tool.
  • Ancient Egyptians were actually the first ones to actually develop a writing medium that is very close to today’s paper. This medium is known as the papyrus, and this was made through a series of steps. The base material for making papyrus is the marrow from plant stems, and these were humidified, pressed, dried, glued, and cut before it will finally become a suitable writing medium. Papyrus books were actually just a pile of sheets or scrolls that were glued together.
  • For Romans, they used a different medium for writing their text, and this one resembles more the clay tablets than the papyrus. The tablets that the Romans used were, however, not made out of clay but from wood and this was coated with a wax-like layer. The tool that they used for writing characters was called a stylus, with one tip being pointed and the other spherical—this tip was used for erasing.
  • During the 3rd century BC, a writing medium took the place of the papyrus, and this medium was called parchment. At first, this medium was referred to as “pergamineum,” in honor of the king of Pergamon, who is said to have invented parchment. This was made using the skins of animals, was more durable, and it also allowed people to erase text.
  • And finally, beginning in 105 AD, a Chinese official by the name of Cai Lun was able to develop paper out of mulberry, several vast fibers, fishnets, rags, and hemp waste. Though it has been said that it was on this date that paper was invented, but it was only until the 3rd century that the popularity of paper as a writing medium had become prevalent.

Tricolored Photorealistic Book Illustration Design


Cool Colorful Book Pile Illustration Design


Here is a flat illustration of a pile of books that appear to have lost its balance and is beginning to tumble down. This would be a great illustration to use on promotional tools for visualizing the large number of books available in your establishment or facility. If you are managing a bookstore or a library, the design above may be for you.

Blue Alphabet Book Illustration Design


Set of Flat Book Vector Illustration Designs


How to Encourage Children to Read Books

  • Probably the best way that you can encourage children to read is by becoming a role model for them. How would you expect them to read books if you don’t even read them in the first place? Share your reading experiences to children and explain to them a few of your realizations from reading books.
  • Don’t pressure the children and don’t decide for them on what book to read. Let them explore and encourage them to find books on their own. And regardless of what book they ended up picking, you should always give them your support.
  • Expose children to bookworms and allow them to interact with one another. It’s just like entering an online community or joining a book-lover’s group on social media, but more personal with with actual interaction between people.
  • Always reassure children of the benefits—both short and long-term—that they are able to gain from reading books.

Old Book Mock-up Illustration Design


Book O’Clock Pile Illustration Design


Above is a pile of books that reads “It’s Book O’ Clock,” meaning it’s time to read books. But here is the thing, any time is the perfect time to read books, and that is the beauty of it. Books are portable knowledge and entertainment tools that you can bring anywhere, and it doesn’t even need electricity for it to work.

Open Book on Astronomy Illustration Design


If you are into astronomy and you wish to share your passion and knowledge to others, the book illustration above could probably help you out. You may be able to use this vector illustration on your instructional materials, or on a website that you are developing that talks about astronomy.

Hand-Drawn Colored Book Pile Illustration Design


Were you able to find a particular book illustration design that you want to use for your project? You should have chosen at least one that you would want to download and use. To provide you with information regarding the book illustrations above, they were created by some of today’s best graphic artists from all over the world who know the importance of books and who know how to capture people’s attentions with their artwork. These professional graphic artists contributed their creations so that people would find it easy and convenient to find high-quality illustration designs in no time.

If you’re worried about the costs for downloading these illustration designs, you shouldn’t be. These high-quality book vector illustration designs were priced very reasonably, which means that you can get your hands on them without having to spend a fortune. In fact, you may even be able to download the entire collection above without ever breaking your budget. With regards to whether or not these designs are editable, they actually are. You may be able to make as much alterations as you want with these illustration depending on your preferences. So what do you think? Are you now motivated enough to bring the relevance of books back to the people? If so, then don’t waste any more time, download a design now.

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