Weddings come in all different themes, sizes, extravagance, and practices. How one country would celebrate wedding ceremonies will not always be the same as others, but regardless of which country, the common denominator is that weddings will always be special for the couple and the people close to them. No matter how simple a wedding is being celebrated, it will remain special, memorable, and close to the hearts of the people involved in it.

The reason why weddings are considered special is because it unites two people together, not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Weddings bring together two people of different backgrounds and upbringings, and this union is witnessed by their respective family members and closest friends. What was once two will become one after the wedding ceremony.

Weddings will usually involve illustrations, and these illustrations will often be incorporated on various things used for the celebrations which includes invitations and RSVP cards, thank-you cards, and even the decorations. In other words, illustrations are heavily used during weddings, and it is because it adds life to the event. If you’re looking for wedding-related illustration designs, we have an entire collection here just for you. Go check them out by scrolling down.

Vintage Set of Wedding Illustration Designs


Looking for wedding-themed vector illustrations that you can use as graphical elements for other projects? Check out the set of vintage-inspired illustrations above that include the bridal gown, a wedding cake, a bottle of champagne, and the wedding rings.

Newlyweds Silhouette Wedding Illustration Design


You may be looking for a silhouette illustration of the bride and the groom that you can use for your wedding cards and invitations, so why not trying out the illustrations shown above? Other than using it on your invitations, you may also want to have this design printed, cut out, and placed on top of the wedding cake because, why not?

Set of Vintage-Inspired Wedding Illustration Designs


Hand-Drawn Caricature Newlyweds Wedding Illustration


Colorful Hand-Drawn Wedding Illustration Design


What Are the Most Common Types and Styles of Illustrations?

If you’re asking about the different types and styles of illustration designs, there are probably around a hundred of them or even more, and the space here wouldn’t be enough to list down all of them. So we narrowed it down to only the most commonly used and seen types and the respective styles of illustrations that fall under each type, see the list below.

Literal Illustrations

The name for this type of illustration already literally (no pun intended) describes what is being depicted on their images, which are accurate representations of reality. Literal illustrations depict pictorial truths and credible scenes, even if the scenes are often incorporated with a dramatic or fantastical twist. If this type of illustration was ever compared to a reading material, it would probably be non-fiction books. There are three commonly used styles under the literal type of illustrations.

  • Photorealism. This illustration style is a recreation of an actual photo and trying to match the source material as closely as possible. The most common methods used to achieve this are either by painting or airbrushing.
  • Hyperrealism. If photorealistic illustrations were made to recreate actual photographs, hyperrealistic illustrations are made to look exactly like photographs. This style often involves optical illusions by the artist to be able to achieve true to life representations of what is being depicted in the image.
  • Cultural or Historical. This style of literal illustration is probably one of the oldest to have ever existed since it has already been used way before cameras and photography was invented. These illustrations commonly come in painted form and would usually focus on scenes that the artists want to present visually.

Conceptual Illustrations

The exact opposite of the literal illustration type, wherein the images here depict metaphorical representations of the subject or scenes. Aside from that, conceptual illustrations are also used to depict concepts or ideas. While these illustrations may have an unrealistic form or meaning when taken as a whole, it may also contain a few elements of reality. There are also three different styles of conceptual illustrations which are listed down below.

  • Abstraction. Also referred to as the distortion style, this style of illustration is far from being realistic and are entirely taken from the artist’s creative imagination. These illustrations would often be interpreted differently between people, and these interpretations may or may not even be remotely close to what the artist is actually trying to convey. Abstract illustrations are perfect for people who like to think outside of the box.
  • Sequential. This style of illustration commonly comes in the form of a storyboard, similar to comic books. The images depicted here may often have a caricature or unrealistic representation of characters and scenery, but would usually narrate something in hopes of conveying a message.
  • Infographics. A shortened term for information graphics, are technical illustrations that describe a process or a concept so that audiences would be able to understand them easily. While a few areas of infographic illustrations are often made to look literal or realistic, its entirety would depict a more conceptual imagery.

Flat Elements Wedding Illustration Design


Luxurious Wedding Cake Illustration Design


For those wanting to give well-wishes and words of wisdom for the groom and the bride, you may want to do it through a greeting card. If you wish to make a personalized greeting card, we have a beautiful and elegant food illustration above that would certainly look good as the cover page for your greeting card.

Cute Bride and Groom Wedding Illustration Design


Proposing Man Wedding Illustration Design


The first dance is something that most guests wait during the wedding reception, and it shows the newlyweds dancing as husband and wife for the very first time. The wedding dance illustration above artistically depicts that scene in a rather impressively colorful manner. You may have this printed on your wedding cards, or just like one of the previous designs, have this placed on top of the wedding cake.

Newlywed Carry Wedding Illustration Design


Simple Newlywed Wedding Illustration Design


Decorative Silhouette Wedding Illustration Design


Set of Hand-Drawn Wedding Illustration Designs


What Are Some of the Different Wedding Traditions from All Over the World

  • Confetti (Italy). No, it’s not the usual confetti being thrown at the newlyweds but rather sweets. In Italy, confetti actually refers to sugary treats—usually in the form of sugar-coated almonds—that are being shared to all wedding guests at the reception.
  • Releasing of doves (Philippines). It has been said that white doves symbolize purity and innocence, and the releasing of a pair of white doves at the wedding ceremony is symbolic of the start of the couple’s journey in purity and without regrets of their past life.
  • Log cutting (Germany). As a test of the newlyweds’ bond, they will have to saw a log in half in front of their guests. This practice is meant to showcase the bride and groom’s ability to work together as they may face a lot of challenges and obstacles in their married life.
  • Blackening (Scotland). On the day of their wedding, the bride and the groom would have to be made-up and dressed well to be fully presentable, but this isn’t the case on the day before their wedding. In Scotland, the bride and groom would be taken out of their homes and covered with alcohol, ash, flour, or feathers by their friends and family. This tradition is believed to avoid evil spirits and bad luck from coming in contact with the couple.
  • Croquembouche and La Soupe (France). French weddings have two very unique wedding traditions, and the first is the serving of the croquembouche as the alternative to wedding cakes. A croquembouche is actually a tower of cream-filled pastry puffs that can be dipped in a variety of sweet sauces. The second tradition is the serving of the La Soupe, which consists of leftovers that are gathered into a clean toilet bowl, from which the newlyweds must eat to bring them good luck.
  • Spitting on the bride (Kenya). Usually done right after the wedding ceremony, the father of the bride spits on his daughter’s head and chest just before they leave the village in order to prevent their good fortune from getting jinxed.
  • White bell (Guatemala). A white bell—filled with rice, flour, and grains—is broken by the mother of the groom just before the start of the reception to welcome the newlyweds to the party. This tradition is meant to bring luck and prosperity to the just-married husband and wife.
  • Unity bowl (Australia). In the land down under, their wedding ceremonies would feature the unity bowl. During the wedding, stones would be distributed to the guests which, at the end of the ceremony, would be placed inside the decorative bowl. Afterward, the couple will be asked to take the unity bowl and have it displayed in order to remind them of the support given to them by their family and friends.

Ornate-Detailed Silhouette Wedding Illustration Design


Shiny Wedding Rings Illustration Designs


Flat Adorable Newlyweds Illustration Design


Check out the adorable flat illustration of the happy newlyweds above, this illustration may perfectly be used on wedding thank-you cards. This caricature illustration shows the groom carrying his wife on his arms, which is something commonly seen after weddings. It has been said that doing this and walking under a door frame, or a threshold, would prevent bad fortune from ever entering the bride through her soles, though there are also other origins behind this practice.

Minimalist Elements Wedding Illustration Designs


Beautiful Scenery Wedding Illustration Design


Now for the toughest part, you may be asking if these illustrations are indeed worth downloading, and if they are, then why? For one thing, the illustrations that you have just seen were created by professionals and are exceptionally high in quality. Even though illustration designs can be found abundantly on the Internet, we actually still had to go through piles of them in multiple websites to be able to gather only the most breathtaking ones that are sure to make your money’s worth.

In the world of designs, the appearance isn’t the only one that matters, but so is the editability. Designs would be considered useless if they cannot be edited even to a slightest extent. But thankfully, the illustration designs here are not only easy to edit, but they are also capable of preserving their quality even after modifications are applied. But this will only work if you are using the right editing tool for the type of graphics used on the design. This means that if the design is comprised of vectors, you may need to use either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW to edit them; but if the design is saved in the PSD format, then you may need to use Adobe Photoshop.

When it comes to the costs of having to download these graphic illustration designs, you’ll be surprised to know that you won’t need to spend a lot to be able to get your hands on them. Considering that these professionally-made illustrations come in superb quality, they are actually being priced at very reasonable rates, which make them not only conveniently accessible but affordable as well. So, are you still asking yourself whether these designs are worth downloading? Get yourself busy and start downloading an illustration design now.

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