PowerPoint is an effective tool that can be used in conjunction with oral presentations. It primarily acts as a visual aid for both the speaker and his or her audience. Learning to combine these two will allow you to not only deliver a good presentation but it will also allow your audience to retain more information from your discussion.

But before you can achieve that positive synergy of your oral communication skills, visual aid use, and audience engagement, you need to start learning the simplest things first. And this is by learning how to use presentation programs like Microsoft PowerPoint templates and how you may leverage them in your presentations.

This article aims to provide various information on how you can create effective PowerPoint presentations and apply them effectively when doing presentations and speeches at work or in school. Also embedded in this article are ten pre-made Labor Day PowerPoint templates.

When to Use Labor Day PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint presentations are routinely used in almost all industries today that its ineffectual adoption has gained such notoriety. This is especially true when a speaker or presenter relies on the visual tool word for word and fails to reach out his or her audience. If you want to be a good speaker, you need to be discerning and use PowerPoint wisely.

In line with that, here are legit reasons for when it is safe and acceptable to use Labor Day PowerPoint templates.

  • When it’s almost Labor Day weekend. Waiting for the Labor Day weekend can be tortuous especially if you have to complete multiple work tasks before you can finally enjoy the holiday and all the associated awesomeness it comes with. To help tide you over before the holiday break, you can entertain yourself and your coworkers by incorporating Labor Day themes in your work output. One way to do this is by creating Labor Day-inspired PowerPoint templates. Of course, you also need to consider the appropriateness of such design theme firsthand. But once that is out of the way, you will have in your hands a good presentation visual aid.
  • When talking about topics concerning workers and the upcoming holiday. Another obvious reason for using Labor Day PowerPoint templates is when you are tasked to create a presentation about the labor movement history, its present-day incarnation, or the relationship of the upcoming holiday to your company, business, or organization. This way, your presentations will look more on point and your audience will readily know what you will be talking about just by looking at the first few slides in your PowerPoint presentation.
  • When you want to spice up routine presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint comes with built-in theme templates that allows you to create a variety of designs for any type of presentation. However, even these theme options may get boring and you will need something that will spice up even the most basic training presentations. With the right timing, you can begin to incorporate Labor Day creative PSD templates in your presentations to make them more cheerful and appealing.
  • When you want your audience to remember what you discussed. Teachers rely on PowerPoint presentations since it can be an easy way to present ideas and lessons to students. Students also tend to retain more information when they are learn using pictures, animations, videos, and other medium aside from rote memorization. When you incorporate Labor Day design in your presentations, your audience—whether they are your students, your coworkers, or your boss—they are likely able to retrieve the information you shared with them more quickly. For instance, when teaching a group of teens about how to create pop-up cards, they will be more likely to recall this information when the steps were first taught using a visually appealing PowerPoint presentation and by a hands-on art instructor.
  • When you want your presentation to create an impact to its audience. PowerPoint is not a bulletproof presentation software program. Any positive effect associated with its use often comes after intuitively understanding the software program and then using this to help enhance one’s presentation. So if you want a high-impact presentation, consider following a theme in your presentation. To illustrate, if you are creating a PowerPoint proposal for what your company can do during the Labor Day holiday, it is best to also follow a Labor Day holiday theme in your presentation. In this case, you can use Labor Day party flyers as your design base.

Free Labor Day PowerPoint Template

free labor day powerpoint template

Corporate Labor Day PowerPoint Template

corporate labor day powerpoint template

Construction Company Labor Day PowerPoint Template

construction company labor day powerpoint template

Things to Do Right before a PowerPoint Presentation

Preparing for a PowerPoint presentation is just like preparing for any type of speaking engagement. Your audience can range from a handful of students, a board room full of a company’s top executives, or even a stadium full of people. If it is your first time to present in front of an audience (no matter the number), you may be gripped with anxiety and fear. To help overcome these negative feelings, here are a few things you should do and keep in mind before you give a PowerPoint presentation.

  • It’s not all about your PowerPoint slides. Always remember that the audience is not there to solely look at your PowerPoint visual aid. They are there to listen to you as their speaker, teacher, presenter, adviser, or whatever role you have in the company or organization. Your official job description at that moment may be teacher or speaker. But what you are really there for is as someone who is ready to impart some form of knowledge and that your audience is willing to learn something from you.
  • Yet your PowerPoint presentation template will still matter. This piece of advice may be a contradiction to the previous tip but only slightly so. As with any form of public speaking, you still need to create a form of visual aid that will help your audience visualize what you are talking about. Your PowerPoint slides may not be all that will matter, but they can still affect how an audience perceives you and the information that you are imparting. For example, if you are talking about handmade card designs, you may need to show images of real handmade cards for your audience to visually see what makes them different, worthy as a subject matter, and creating.
  • Practice your speech. Practicing delivering your speech is one of the most common and highly effective way of decreasing anxiety levels prior to a speaking event. When you practice, you are repeatedly allowing yourself to learn your material or topic. As the time goes on, you become more well-versed with your topic and (hopefully) the act of speaking in front of an audience will be more natural for you.
  • Practice your presentation. This tip is distinctly different from the previous one since this focuses on your whole presentation. Aside from focusing on your speech, it is also important for you to practice with your PowerPoint slides. This allows you to perfectly time your slides with the corresponding part in your speech. When talking about men’s summer fashion trends, for example, you will need to correctly time your speech about the new male swimming apparel with the correct sample images.
  • Decide what to wear and how to present yourself. A speaker’s appearance is the first thing that an audience notices. That is why speakers and presenters also need to visually represent their topic or agenda by the way they dress themselves. Doing this not only tells the audience that the speaker is professional in his or her craft but it also implies a sense of credibility. For example, if you are tasked to present different branding options to your company executives, it is best to dress the part and at the same time incorporate different logo design options in your presentation. As an added touch, you may also use a mock-up presentation folder to organize your presentation notes.
  • Have someone else proofread your PowerPoint slides. Typos are one of the most effective ways to distract and even turn off an audience. To avoid having to deal with the aftermath of inconvenient typos, you really need to nip them in the bud. Getting someone to proofread your slides is a good way to do that. You do not need to hire a professional proofreader. You can have a trusted colleague or friend to review the slides for you. Do this and your mind will be at ease.
  • Do some deep breathing exercises, relax, do power poses, and you will be ready to face your audience. Public speaking is a whole lot more different than learning how to design your own party invitation, and sometimes there is no escaping stage fright. To lessen your anxieties, learn different relaxation techniques. A simple deep breathing exercise is done by inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth. Repeat as needed. Simple deep breathing exercises like this works wonders for one’s nerves, especially if you are getting ready to speak in front of or be in the presence of other people. Whether you are presenting something to one person or a thousand, the speaking jitters may still get to you. Learn to accept this and you will eventually get better with experience and practice.

Delivering PowerPoint presentations can be daunting, especially if you do not have experience in public speaking. But a positive takeaway is that these skills—both public speaking and PowerPoint slide designing—can be learned and eventually mastered.

The different Labor Day PowerPoint slide templates included in this article will give you a head start in designing your own presentations. But it will entirely be up to you if you want to up your ante in the realm of public speaking and be able to engage your audiences in a more meaningful way.

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