Hear ye! Hear ye! It’s that time of the year again—almost fall, almost the start of classes (in the United States at least). But before that, there is…Labor Day Weekend! So prepare your backyard grill, kegs of beer, best bikinis (for the ladies), washboard abs (for the gents), loads of party food, your dancing shoes, and get ready for the best End of Summer slash Labor Day party that you will ever attend.

Origin of Labor Day Celebrations

Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 when Matthew Maguire organized different workers’ unions for a parade and picnic celebrating the labor movement. Since then, labor day holidays were gradually adopted by different states and has now become an annual federal holiday.

Held every first Monday of September, Labor Day does not only act as a public holiday celebrating the American labor force but it also marks the end of the summer season. In most states, classes will resume on the week prior to the holiday or on the Tuesday after. But these days, Labor Day mostly translates to parties, cookouts, barbecue feasts, and generally chilling around pools while chatting with friends and family members.

Why Create Labor Day Flyers

Before you can throw any kind of party, you first need to plan the celebration. And if you want to host a successful Labor Day party (one that will surely be remembered for ages), creating Labor Day party flyers should be on top of your to-do list.

Read on for more reasons why you should create Labor Day party flyers or customize Labor Day party flyers in PSD.

  • To celebrate, appreciate, and be thankful of the evolution of the labor movement. The reason why you are hosting a Labor Day bash should primarily be an altruistic one. The fair labor and employment practices that we all enjoy today are products of hundreds of years of development (and rallies and revolutions) against feudalism, peasantry, and deprecatory working circumstances. So, perhaps for just a few seconds, it is just right to be thankful and realize how lucky you are to be alive at this juncture in history. And after that, there is no one stopping you from partying your Labor Day weekend away!
  • To entice more party attendees. Labor Day parties are attended by adults and students alike. To adults, the Labor Day weekend is a long-needed break from work while students use the holiday as their last getaway before school starts again. Either way, if you are planning a big party, you will need to inform any prospective party attendees of your party. This way, they can plan out their weekend accordingly.
  • To engage more customers. To business owners who wish to attract the non-working public during the Labor Day weekend, hosting a Labor Day party at their establishments is a good marketing strategy. That is why creating and spreading party planners ahead of the event is essential. For instance, club bistros can use these event flyers designs as base for their own Labor Day party flyer. By hosting a party, you will get more chances of getting your business into the psyche of more customers. Plus, these customers will also have a good time.
  • To inform attendees ahead of time. Party flyers serves as a primary information source to anyone who is targeted for such flyer and also as an information invitation. But usually, if the party is hosted by a business establishment, details about the event (like dress code, entrance fee, party theme, venue, etc.) will be included in the flyer. All these information is essential for any prospective attendee and it also lessens clarification calls to customer service or to you (if you are the party host).
  • To know how much to food and drinks to prepare. A significant portion of Labor Day parties are small get-togethers between friends and family members. Even if the attendees of these small scale parties are fewer in number compared to club-sponsored bashes, a party flyer is still essential because the party host needs to plan ahead the quantity of the dishes and beverages to serve. Nothing makes a party duller than when the food and booze are not flowing well. For moms planning a family Labor Day party, you may look into these party flyer designs for inspiration.
  • To plan ahead the different sleeping arrangements (if family and friends are staying over afterward). The Labor Day Weekend is plenty of time for a family reunion to be held. And if your entire clan is thinking of doing so, preparing party flyers with RSVP cards is a good thing to do. This allows the party host to also plan out the sleeping arrangements of all attendees (adults and children alike). And for club or beach parties for adults where drinking is part of the festivities, attendees can plan who will be the designated driver or whose house they can all crash in after the party.
  • For attendees to know what to expect from the party. Labor day parties usually consists of cookouts, grilling, barbecues, and some cocktails. But if you plan to follow a specific theme for this Labor Day celebration, it is best to include this in your Labor Day party flyer. For example, you can follow pool party flyers designs if you intend to celebrate Labor Day in a private pool. By including these details in your flyer, attendees will know what type of clothes to wear and bring and generally what to expect in these kinds of parties. Likewise, attendees of family parties will know either to dress up or not for this family event and whether they are expected to share babysitting responsibilities of the younger cousins.
  • To have a physical souvenir of the event. To adults and students alike, there just are certain parties (or celebrations) in our past summers that will mark our lives whether we like them to or not. For those who want to have something to remember that particular Labor Day end of summer party by, a party flyer will sometimes suffice. And if you are a host of such memorable Labor Day party, you would want to keep a summer party flyer to remind you of that awesome party you have planned, right?
  • To make the party official. Whether a Labor Day party is planned by a mom as an end of summer event for her small family or the party is planned by the local beverage company’s PR team, Labor Day party flyers will make the event official and, somehow, irrevocable too. The entire family has already been informed and are already planning their weekend at the grandparents’ house or the entire town is already gearing up for the Labor Day booze fest so the hosts cannot back out of their promise of a party. Doing so may result to disappointment and bad blood (but hopefully not) among relatives and bad publicity for any business establishment who reneges on their promises.

Yellow Hat Labor Day Party Flyer

yellowhat labor day party flyer

Blue Labor Day Party Flyer

blue labor day party flyer

Labor Day Party Flyer Template

labor day party flyer template

DJ Labor Day Party Flyer

dj club labor day party flyer

Club Labor Day Celebration Flyer

club labor day celebration flyer

Planning Your Labor Day Party

Organizing a party is hard. Much more so if you are organizing a Labor Day party that will most likely be attended by the hordes of party-hungry adults and YOLO-ing students on their vacation breaks. But do not sweat it. Really. Here are a few tips you can follow so that you can orchestrate the best Labor Day party ever (well, at least until your next party).

  • Decide on a theme. Like any other party, you need to first choose a theme for your event. You can choose a regular Labor Day party as the theme where you just use all the typical things that is used for a Labor Day party. Nothing is wrong with that. Or you can go retro, use club facilities, or do a casino theme. Whatever you choose, choose ahead because most of the things that you will do and that things that you will need will depend on the party theme that you choose.
  • Create an invitation and/or flyer about the event. As mentioned earlier, invitation flyer designs are routinely used when creating your own party flyers. You need these flyers to inform other people of the event and to get them ready for it. If your Labor Day party follows a retro theme, it may be best to use retro flyer designs as base. Adjust accordingly to keep your party-planning self sane.
  • Send out the party flyer invites ahead of time. After you have created your party flyers, make sure to send them out ahead of time (approximately 2 to 4 weeks in advance). This gives attendees ample of time to prepare themselves and make arrangements for the day.
  • Input all pertinent information on the party flyer. Party flyers serve as an informal invitation to your party. They are preferred over formal invitations since flyers can be handed out to as many people as possible and they can be easier and cheaper to reproduce. But the ease to which they can be sent out to people may also be disadvantageous if there are changes to the party details. To prevent this, always make sure to only write the final and accurate party details on the flyers. Also make sure to include a contact number in case the attendees have questions about the party.
  • Keep the food and drinks flowing. Having ample food and beverage stores during a Labor Day party is essential if you want all attendees to enjoy the event. Keeping everyone well-fed and hydrated will also benefit everyone else since no one is hungry and grumpy during the event.
  • Hire a security team. Parties wholly or jointly sponsored by business establishments, organizations, clubs, etc. (especially events expecting to see a huge turnout), will need to hire a separate security team to maintain peace and order throughout the event. If you are part of the organizing team on this kind of events, do not just rely on the security personnel that comes with the venue. You can also contact the local police as they would help in big events. The mere presence of uniformed security personnel can often deter embarrassment and high-risk individuals.
  • Get a band. As with most parties, music is one of the most essentials elements that you should not forget about. If your team can afford it, you can hire a band. Or better yet, why not hold the Labor Day party inside a club where the sound equipment is already good. If this is the route that you want to take, also consider using club party flyer designs in your party flyers.
  • Plan the food menu accordingly. Food menu planning may not be as essential in a corporate-sponsored Labor Day party as on a backyard family Labor Day party. So if you are planning the latter, make sure to plan out the food items that you will serve for the event. If the party is attended by mostly close friends and family members, you may encourage them to bring a dish or drink of their choice. If you want to be more creative, you can also include a print out of your party menu cards and set them on the main table as a design piece.
  • Don’t forget the games! After you have prepared the food (and booze), it is now time to plan out the party games. No Labor Day celebration is complete without these games that will get everyone participating and laughing. A party’s goal is to de-stress and let loose all attendees, and playing games is one way to do this. For sponsored Labor Day parties, party games may not be ideal since these events are usually held in bars or disco clubs. If this is the case, always make sure to include this detail in your disco club party flyer. Labor day party games will also vary depending on your party theme. For example, Labor Day pool parties will need different games compared to Movie Night themed Labor Day parties.
  • Delegate some tasks. Yeah, party planning can be exhausting and time-consuming. And that is why you need to delegate some tasks to prevent burnout. You are planning a Labor Day holiday party, so you should enjoy it. Whether you are a housewife planning the family’s Labor Day weekend or you are part of a PR team tasked to create a great marketing campaign out of a Labor Day party, remember to enjoy the process. Do not work too hard, pal.

Industry Labor Day Party Flyer

industry labor day party flyer

Workers Unite Labor Day Party Flyer

workers unite labor day party flyer

Labor Day Weekend Party Flyer

labor day weekend party flyer

Labor Day Celebration Party Flyer Template

labor day celebration party flyer template

Flag Labor Day Party Flyer

flag labor day party flyer

How to Design Labor Day Flyers

Interspersed in this article are ten different Labor Day party flyers. Each party flyer is designed intricately to match any person’s preferences and specific party theme. These flyers are also highly customizable so that anyone can add their own party details and adapt for different party themes. But you may ask, how do you make sure that your party flyer matches the specific design trends and themes that you want? That’s relatively easy. Just take note of the different tips we have enumerated below when designing your own Labor Day party flyer.

  • Use Party Flyer Templates. If you lack the skill or the time to craft your own party flyer design, you can always use flyer templates in creating your own masterpiece of a party flyer. There are various graphic design online marketplaces where you can get templates legally and then customize them on your own. Other sellers may also make the customization for you and they can provide you with the printed product or an edited version of the PSD file.
  • Mimic flyer designs that you find online. Some flyer designs can be easy to mimic and make your own if you have the necessary art materials at hand. As long as you use these designs for personal purposes and you do not sell them, then you are free to create designs based on the party flyers that you can find on Pinterest.
  • Follow your party’s theme. By following a theme, your Labor Day party becomes a more interesting event. When you incorporate this theme into your party flyer design, more people will also be interested in the event. Likewise, corporate-sponsored Labor Day parties get more publicity when they use elegantly designed party flyers that will match their party’s theme.
  • Make sure to include party details and person to contact on the party flyer and make sure not to make changes anymore. Labor Day parties can get big—as in really big. A few flyers that you give away to your local friends will amazingly get into the hands of teens from the next school district. Surely, there is social media to thank for that too. So when you create party flyers, make sure to include all party details and a contact number where prospective attendees can ask questions. Including all relevant party information and not making changes regarding these information is important so that all attendees will have the same set of information. This way, you will avoid having attendees who gets lost in locating the party venue or having attendees who arrive late because the party start time was changed.
  • For backyard Labor Day parties, include RSVP cards in your party flyers. For parties whose attendees will mostly be friends and family members, it is better to include RSVP cards in your party flyers when you send them out.
  • Allot time for you to create and print out the party flyers. Just like when creating birthday party flyers, creating Labor Day party flyers will require creativity and time. A few weeks before Labor Day, you should set aside an afternoon or evening to create these party flyers. This way, you will be able to send out the party flyers ahead of time and you can begin to concentrate on other aspects of party planning.
  • Include entrance fees on the party flyer design. Labor Day parties, even if sponsored by business entities, will still require attendees to pay for entrance to the venue. This happens when clubs and dance halls are not part of the sponsorship fees. If you are tasked on creating your organization’s Labor Day party flyer design, make sure to include the party fee on the flyer. This ensures that no attendee thinks that the party is for free—a situation that will result in customer service issues on the day of the party. Depending on your arrangement with the venue and corporate sponsor, you may also need to include the sponsor’s logo and/or trademark on the party flyers as a marketing tool.
  • Simplify the flyer design. When it comes to designing party flyers, simplicity is often the key to capturing people’s attention and to make sure that your party or event stays on their mind. Party flyers are often printed on smaller sheets of paper and information will need to be squeezed into the flyers. That is why it is better to opt for a simpler design and layout. If you are not familiar with graphic design, you can start learning by checking out these online graphic design resources.
  • You can always hire a graphic designer to create the party flyer for you. As a last resort and if you have the necessary funds, you can always hire a graphic designer to create a party flyer of your choice. This way, you can free up your schedule from doing flyer design tasks and instead concentrate on other things. When hiring a graphic designer, choose someone who was recommended to you or someone whose work you have seen. There are a lot of freelance designers online and you can also check out their portfolio websites. This way, you will know what to expect and (hopefully) the two of you will have a good working relationship. And before hiring a graphic designer, make sure to ask about his or her rates and revision policies before the working relationship begins. This way, you will know what to expect from each other.

The Labor Day holiday is often considered as the unofficial closure to the summer months since the holiday is celebrated the weekend before school officially resumes. It is some sort of transition time. That is why this holiday can be such a big deal to some. By meticulously planning for a party, you are somehow already guaranteeing yourself of a good Labor Day weekend party. Cheers!

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