Yoga is not just any form of exercise. It can also be considered as a relaxation technique done through meditation, the clearing of the mind, and getting in touch with your inner self.

Yoga not only involves the body, but also the mind and the spirit. We perform yoga to keep all our physical, psychological, and spiritual health in functioning well. If you’re someone who exercises regularly, then you may have known already that doing cardio is not enough even though you do resistance training as well. To complete an exercise program, you should also do some workout routines that may, let’s just say, take you out of your comfort zone, and doing slow, isometric exercises such as yoga and Pilates will do just that.

On this page, as much as we want to promote yoga and its benefits to the mind, body, and spirit, we also want to help you promote the same cause but in your own way. We can do our part simply by offering you our collection of yoga flyer designs to motivate you to start doing yoga. Take our word for it, you will LOVE yoga routines. You might not be able to appreciate it the first time around since some moves and poses are quite challenging, but if you just practice constantly and start feeling the effects, you may end up asking yourself why you never did yoga earlier.

Yellow and Green Yoga Flyer Design

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Promote your yoga classes to the public and invite people to attend any of the sessions from Mondays to Fridays with this artistic flyer design. At the top portion of the design is a large and obvious heading or title of the flyer with the corresponding schedule of yoga sessions below it.

After the title, the main source of creativity can be seen. This is the graphic image represented by a colored smoke effect and the negative space is where you can see the silhouette of the people doing yoga poses.

On the bottom portion is a space big enough for you to write down anything that you may think is relevant for the promotion of your yoga classes. You may write on this space the different benefits that a person may gain if they enroll in your classes, or any additional information relating to yoga.

Lastly, on the bottom-most part, you may indicate either your website address or your social media page, if you have one.

Backlit Silhouette Lotus Pose Yoga Flyer

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Colorful Crescent Yoga Flyer Design

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One of the most basic poses you do in yoga is the crescent pose. One leg is placed forward with the knee bent and directly over the ankle, and the other leg straight at the back with the ball of the foot on the floor. With the hips squared, both arms are then raised in the air at a 90 degree angle, and continuing to take deep breaths while holding this position for a few seconds.

This advertising flyer design shows an illustration of a woman doing the crescent pose over a giant text which spells out yoga. This text can be changed according to what you want; you can write the name of your facility, or you can change it to your own logo if you have one.

Below those features are where the additional details regarding your yoga sessions can be found, such as the schedule in days, the time of the sessions, and other relevant information. Download this design for eye-catching, colorful yoga flyers to encourage people into enrolling in your yoga classes.

Hand Drawn Ornamental Yoga Flyer Design

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Relaxing Ambiance Yoga Flyer Set

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From the sample title itself, this flyer design is already relaxing to look at as it is, and the more it entices a reader to get into yoga.  While most people do yoga either within their own homes or at fitness centers, doing it outdoors is a whole new experience. We recommend yoga lovers to do it as well.

When you do yoga outdoors, the meditation phase connects you not only to your inner, deeper soul, but also with nature. The winds blowing, the sound of the birds chirping, and the fresh air provided by Mother Nature herself is relaxing to the mind and the body, which is what yoga is really about.

Set of Four Yoga Flyer Designs Bundle

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Blue Nature Yoga Flyer Design

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Reconcile your soul with this artistic, nature-themed yoga flyer design. According to the psychology of colors, blue is the color for calmness, focus, serenity, and wisdom, while green is the color for harmony, tranquility, nature, and health.

On this invitation flyer design, the gradient-colored backdrop is in blue and green, which are the two most appropriate colors to be around when doing yoga routines. Over the backdrop is an image of nature, with flowers and trees to represent life in the outdoors. Getting in touch with nature lets you find yourself, and opens you up to a bigger world around you. When you do yoga, you get a similar feeling of finding yourself, and opens your mind to positive thoughts.

Minimalist Green Yoga Flyer

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Lotus Seat Girl Yoga Flyer

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Encourage people to treat their bodies will with this motivational yoga flyer design, which shows us a woman doing the lotus position. This seating technique—or as yogis would call it, an “asana“—is a commonly used position for meditation and for fostering physical and mental stability.

With this flyer design, you get to show people how much yoga can create a positive outlook for a person and how it can help eliminate negativity in the mind, as seen on the girl’s face on the sample above. Help people balance their lives and become happier by inviting them to your yoga classes using this fitness flyer design.

Abstract Woman and Flower Yoga Flyer

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Meditating Floating Silhouette Yoga Flyer

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Here is another product flyer design which demonstrates the lotus position, but with the hands higher at around shoulder height, which is usually done when in deep meditation. The color scheme on this design includes yellow and orange, which represents optimism and energy, respectively.

Keep your flyer design neat and simple by including only the most relevant information needed by readers. If ever they would want to make a reservation, some inquiries, or obtain more information, leave them with your contact details on the flyer.

Simple Generic Yoga Flyer Design

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Benefits of Doing Yoga

  • Yoga loosens your muscles and joints, which help you in become more flexible, and at the same time, helps prevent injuries from bad posture.
  • Yoga can also help strengthen muscles and bones, which balances with the improvement in flexibility. Having strong muscles and bones can help in the prevention of related illnesses such as arthritis to prevent incidents of falls as we get older.
  • In connection, yoga can also improve our balance. This is very important especially as we get older since our sense of balance can slowly deteriorate; thus, the higher incidence of falls among older people.
  • Just like other forms of exercises, yoga can help control blood glucose levels. Unlike other exercises, however, yoga can help decrease your blood pressure since you can perform the exercise without having to undergo strenuous actions.
  • Yoga is an effective stress reliever. It can help create mental clarity and calmness. Through yoga, we can learn to cope with stress and make ourselves have a more happier and positive outlook in life.

We can not express further how important yoga exercises are for people. These are not only applicable to those who are lean and muscular, they can also be performed by children and old people. These exercises involve stretching of joints, improvement of balance, and strengthening of bones and muscles through isometric actions rather than fast and strenuous movements.

It has also been discussed numerous times that some people are able to maintain a healthy body and mind as they become older if they do yoga or other forms of meditative exercises, such as tai chi or even Pilates.

Downloading these business flyer designs can be done in just three simple steps, namely: choosing which flyer design you want to use from among our selection, downloading your chosen design by clicking on the red download or buy now button, and paying the required yet very affordable fee.

After doing these steps, the downloaded flyer design will be yours and you can use it as many times as you want. If ever you want to use the same sample over and over again, you can do so since these are fully editable and you can make each version of the flyer design different from the previous. This way, you can come up with multiple designs from a single sample.

If you find these health flyer designs motivating enough to get people started in doing yoga exercises, then start downloading a design now. We promise, you will not regret doing so.

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