In Adobe’s widely used post-processing tool After Effects, you can achieve a lot of things ranging from simple tasks such as splitting, cropping, and compositing of video clips, to more advanced ones that include rendering digital visual effects, motion graphics, and even animation. Because this tool is very accessible and easy to use, it is being used not only by big film companies but also by amateur and independent filmmakers.

One easy task that you can do using Adobe After Effects, especially for people who don’t have a lot of experience in video editing, is making slideshows. Here, you may be able to create slideshows using both photos and videos, then add visual effects to enhance its quality, and these effects are more advanced than those that are found on common video editors such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut. Aside from slideshows, you may also be able to create logo animations on After Effects.

Similar to that with creating other image-based designs, you can take advantage of templates that can be downloaded from the Internet to make it a lot easier for your to create professional-grade slideshows, complete with effects and background music. On this page, we have gathered from the Internet fifteen of some of the most visually amazing templates that you can use to create a slideshow in Adobe After Effects. To check out the templates yourself, go ahead and start scrolling down.

Zooming Parallax After Effects Slideshow

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The first slideshow template on this page is one of the most widely used and highly recommended choice among videographers and average users, and upon seeing a demo of this template, you will definitely understand why. This template is very well organized and also very easy to customize, which is also another reason why many users choose to go with this one. All you need to do here is to drag and drop your image or video file from your local drive to the project, add text, and then a background audio or music to complete the slideshow. If you have just started at being a graphic designer, you may want to refer to our list of the 2graphic design software that you should at least be familiar with.

Mosaic Photo Reveal After Effects Slideshow

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If you have over a hundred pictures that you want to show on your project but don’t want to make its running time very long, here is an excellent template that you should check out. This template can accommodate up to 100 images, and allows you to create a memorable, high-resolution slideshow in a matter of minutes just by dragging and dropping the images that you want to use. If you choose to download this template, you will be getting two optional templates: an extended three-minute slideshow and a shorter, mosaic compilation version, and you will also be getting a few new add-ons just to make your task easier, and your project a whole lot better.

Watercolor Ink After Effects Slideshow

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Here is an another very artistic slideshow template that you can use for any purpose, whether for making simple photo slideshows for personal projects or as an intro to a much bigger, full-length video. You may be able to add a maximum of 40 images per project, and you can choose among 30 paint, ink, and brush elements to help you in creating a truly amazing slideshow project that can compete with those made by actual, professional videographers. For a list of the best tools that every graphic designer should start using, check out our top ten graphic design apps and tools.

Cinematic Winter After Effects Slideshow

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If you want your photographs to be presented like those in movies and have a winter theme, then check out this cinematic slideshow template for After Effects. You can make use of this template to create a photo slideshow, a Web presentation, a stylish home video, or even a dramatic intro to a full-length movie. But don’t let it stop you there, you may be able to use this slideshow template any way you can think of. This template allows you to add a maximum of 15 images and text, and is fully editable for your convenience.

Dynamic Opener After Effects Slideshow

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You may already have your travel apps and travel outfit prepared, but you don’t know yet how to present your captured moments once you get back home. Why not do it through as a slideshow? For a modern feel on your slideshow, you may be interested in this After Effects template. This one enables you to add as much as 35 images, videos, and text on your project, which is a number that is already more than enough to let you appreciate looking at your pictures or videos presented in a dynamic and modern style. Another wonderful feature of this template is not only its being easily customizable, but it also gives you full control over the colors.

Artistic Parallax After Effects Slideshow

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This artistic parallax slideshow template is perfect for those who enjoy three-dimensional effects on their plain-looking still images or videos. This slideshow template is fully customizable, which means that you may be able to customize it as much as you want to be able to achieve that slideshow that you have always wanted. To make your slideshow project scream “Amazing!” and drop your audiences’ jaws on the floor, you should try adding video clips instead of still images.

Animated Handwritten Text After Effects Slideshow

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Have you ever seen those television commercials with text that are animated and appear handwritten? Those effects are very different from the usual ones that use regular, static text, and these handwritten animated text can help make a video stand out. With this handwritten animated text slideshow template, you may be able to write a beautiful message and in an artistic way. Aside from just letters, the font also includes numbers, ornaments, and punctuation marks, and you may be able to customize each character freely. If you would be interested, we also have a list of some of the best animated fonts that you can use on video editors.

Showcase your still images or video clips with this creative After Effects slideshow template. This template presents each slide or placeholder through a paint splash effect, which makes this the perfect choice for creating not only beautiful slideshows but also dramatic intro scenes for a movie.

Since Christmas is already fast approaching, so rather than stick to just reading about Christmas invitations, you may want to check out this slideshow template that is very appropriate for the season. With each slide, there is an overlay of falling snowflakes and a color filter to help create the winter ambiance of the project. For added effects, you can also include some text to the project that is presented as a banner behind Santa Claus’s sleigh, and this text can be customized to whatever suits your project.

Here is another After Effects slideshow template that is inspired by paint and paintbrushes. For this one, however, the transition from one slide to another is done via randomized brush strokes. This template is equipped with a total of 10 slides that you can use to add either stills or videos, and then a corresponding text for each slide.

Reminisce on those precious memories you have made from your past, or even someone else’s if you intend on making one as a gift for a birthday instead of settling on just birthday greeting cards, a wedding, an anniversary, or even as a memorial presentation for a departed loved one. This slideshow template involves the use of bokeh effects, and some slightly washed out colors to give the appearance of an movie-like flashback sequence.

Artistic Ink Splatter After Effects Slideshow

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Here is another After Effects template that involves splatter effects when presenting each slide. This is the perfect slideshow template to use especially when introducing characters at the start of a film, or you may also put this at the end when you present not only the characters but also everyone who was involved in the making of the film. But aside from those, you may still be able to use this slideshow template for creating visually stunning slideshows with corresponding captions for every photo or video.

Enigma Flashy After Effects Slideshow

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If you want a flashy slideshow that is full of life and energy, then this vibrant-colored template may be what you are looking for. Appropriately titled Enigma Vibrant Slideshow, this template maximizes the use of vibrant colors and involves a lot of mind-blowing transitions that contributes to its enigmatic feature. With this template, you are given a total of 28 slides that you can use to add either still photos or video clips for your project. For online resources, you may want to check out our list of the ten best websites for graphic design inspiration.

Inspiring Sierra Parallax After Effects Slideshow

inspiring sierra parallax after effects slideshow

Grab the attention of your audiences effectively and leave them in awe with this mesmerizing After Effects template. The Sierra slideshow template is equipped with a total of 10 slides for all your photos or videos, and it also has 10 titles, 4 spellbinding color filters, and an engrossing parallax effect for you to apply to your project. This slideshow template is both fully and easily customizable, and only requires you to drag and drop the photos and videos that you want to add to your project, and the template will do the rest of the task for you. Use this template for presenting a documentation, a movie, or even those nature footage from all your travels.

Grungy Retrogala After Effects Slideshow

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Here is an outstanding After Effects slideshow template that is sure to leave a good impression on your audiences with its stylish effects and grungy look. This retro gala slideshow template, from the name itself, has a retro feel and can accommodate up to 30 titles and 15 placeholders for your images and videos. This template is full editable and allows you to customize features such as the individual colors, grunge intensity, light leaks, glitch effects, framing, and so much more. For plugins that you can use with After Effects, check out this list of five of the best After Effects plugins that you can download from the Internet.

So what did you think of the slideshow templates that we have listed down above? We hope you were able to find one that suits the theme and the purpose of the project that you are planning to create. These templates have different styles that are suitable for one or more purposes, and they are also fully editable in After Effects to give you enough freedom to do what you want and need for your slideshow.

These templates were created by highly experienced artists, which means that you are assured of excellent quality if you choose to download from among the ones on this page. Downloading these templates can be done without too much hassle, and for a very reasonable price as well. Once you’re on this page, just look for the slideshow template that works for you, click on the button below the image to redirect you to the source website, then click play to see a slideshow demo.

These slideshow templates are fully customizable, just make sure that you have Adobe After Effects installed on your system to gain freedom over these templates. You may want to read our list of some online resources to guide you in learning graphic designing easily. As mentioned earlier, you may be allowed to use either video clips or photos with these templates, and you can also add a background music to make your slideshow even livelier. If you are still reading up to this point, now is the time to scroll back up and choose from among the list the template that you want to use, and download it.

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