Family planning is one of the most talked about topic in science since those who are highly conservative, such as religious groups or other cultures that stick to being traditional.

Those who favor science believe that the use of artificial contraception is the solution to the world’s problem of overpopulation. On the other hand, the more conservative group says that contraceptives are not the solution and that they should follow a natural method instead, which is abstinence.

Whether you believe that contraceptives are good for the society or not, in celebration of World Population Day, here are some contraception icons that you can use for any purpose.

Use these vector icons as graphic symbols on printable media, or use it as clickable icons on websites or a software that you are developing. The birth control methods here range from natural ones, such as calendar and abstinence, to artificial methods that include condoms and pills. If this is what you are looking for, check out the icon designs below.


Isolated Contraceptive Method Square Icon Designs


In this set of icon designs, the symbol representing each contraceptive method is placed over a round shaded area enclosed in a colored square tile. These colorful flat icons can be used on computer programs for the user to click on if they wish to read additional information regarding that method. Download this set if you wish to use icons that easily stand out because of their colorful features.


Black Safe Sex Contraception Icon Designs


These group of contraceptive method icons are in an all-black theme for a more minimalist feel. These can be very useful if you wish to have these images printed since it won’t require any color other than black. It can still be used for computer programs, but you need to add more features to it to make it stand out and be easily noticeable to the users, such us enclosing it in a frame or adding a shadow effect to it.


Monochrome Contraceptive Method Vector Icons


Advantages of Using Contraception

  • The use of contraceptive methods allow couples to have control over the number of children they have, as well as when they want to have children. In other words, contraception prevents pregnancy from happening which creates a gap from one child to another.
  • Contraceptive use prevents the risk of teenage pregnancy as well as pregnancy to high-risk women, which includes the too old, both underweight and overweight, and the hypertensive females.
  • Aside from not getting pregnant, contraception can also prevent the risk of transferring untreated sexually-transmitted diseases from one person to another.

Couple and Pharmacist Contraception Vector Icons


The set of icon designs above provide more than just the icons, you also get vector illustrations of a female pharmacist and a couple going in for a consultation. These circle icon designs are in color and are placed inside a blue ring to provide neatness and emphasis to the symbol.


Black and White Flat Contraception Icon Designs


Some people may prefer to use colored graphics while some may also go with the simpler linear ones; it highly depends on the preference of the user. But you can still never go wrong with linear art since they can go along with any background color and any theme. If you are unsure about the color or theme to be used for your backdrop, then simple linear images are the best choice for you, so download these set of icon designs.


Family and Parenthood Safe Sex Vector Icon Designs


These set of icon designs have a yellow theme, which is highly ideal if you are building a website or a program with the same or complimentary color. But aside from yellow, you can also use other compatible colors to contrast with the icons such as red, orange, or even plain solid white. On this set, we have an icon for injectable contraceptives and we also have a calendar icon for the natural method.


Flat Line Art Contraceptive Method Icon Designs


Family Planning Contraceptive Method Flat Icons


We have a colored set of icons you can download and use for many purposes. These health icons can be printed if you wish to use them on physical media such as posters or flyers, or they may also be published on the net if you are developing a website about spreading awareness about the use of family planning methods.


Safe Sex Linear Art Contraception Icon Designs


You don’t need to be a supporter of artificial birth control methods to use these icon designs. Anybody can download these for a reasonable fee, and these designs can be downloaded very easily as well. You may be a conservative person, but if you are working in a healthcare setting, you may be obliged to provide education to people regarding family planning. For people in the medical field, contraceptives work not only to prevent pregnancy but also to avoid the risk of passing on sexually-transmitted diseases.

Our icon designs have been gathered from various reliable websites, and we made sure to choose only the best ones to provide our clients with products that are worth their money.

These icon designs are also fully editable and may be compatible on most photo editors, but for the highest compatibility, we recommend that you use Adobe Photoshop for editing these files. Now, scroll back up and choose any of our easy to edit icon designs, and download the one that works best for you.

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