Gathering information from the Internet is a stressful task especially if you need to go from one site to another just to be able to have multiple sources. Relying heavily on search engines may be sufficient but may also require a lot of time and effort, which may result in a lesser productivity than when you take advantage of content curation tools.

On this page, we have seven (7) of the best content curation tools that may prove very useful for any blogger, writer, or social marketer. With these tools, you will be provided with assistance from both the tool itself as well as the users within the community on the answers behind your inquiries and where to look for relevant contents. If ever you want to make your own website to store your curated content, you may also refer to our list of the best website builders on the Internet. And now, start scrolling down to see the content curation tools yourself. Who knows? You may be able to find the tool that may suit your needs.



Quora is an inquiry website where visitors ask questions about anything and are provided with answers by its community of users. This website was made available to the general public on June 2010 and is published by Quora, Inc., which was founded in June 2009.

The questions being asked on this website involve almost anything ranging from simple inquiries like what resources to use to learn graphic designing, to some complex questions that require answers with further justification and even scientific evidence, which is why it has become one of the most reliable websites on the Internet.



Pinterest is a Web application that operates to gather information all around the Internet. It is classified as a visual discovery, collection, and a storage application for data gathered on the World Wide Web. According to its founder, the website is more on being a catalog of ideas used to inspire its users to go and explore to gain more knowledge and experience.

The website was being developed starting December 2009 and was launched to the public in March 2009. The website has grown in popularity since January 2012 and still continues to grow up to this point. As of April 2017, there have been around 175 million users regularly visiting the website. With Pinterest, you are allowed to store ideas on your own account and then work with them to help you curate content. You may also be interested in reading some of the trending things on Pinterest.



Curata is a content marketing website that is intelligent enough to provide its users with only the most relevant content by going through blogs and social media pages all around the Internet. This website is able to recommend articles to its users and help them find the content that they need by relying on the filters and sources that are being entered. After being recommended an article, it will also give you a chance to go over the content, and curate it according to your needs.

Content Gems

content gem

Content Gems is a website that provides its users with over 200,000 RSS feeds that they can use to gather relevant content, and all this just by signing up for a free account. With this huge number of feeds on the site, you may wonder how you will be able to find the content that you are looking for. By entering keywords on the site’s search bar, you will be able to filter out the topics that are irrelevant while keeping only those with the contents that you need.

The website was founded in 2011, with the intention of the founders to make Web content easily accessible for marketers and businesses so that they too can create and curate informative content for their clients. The articles you can find on this website range from news to blogs, which highly depend on the filters and sources that you will input.



Formerly called Read It Later, Pocket is the ideal place for saving content that you find interesting but would rather read at a later time. You might come across an article that contains something useful to you but you don’t have enough time going through all of it.

So instead of having written the link down so you can open on other devices, you will only need to save it on your Pocket account, and you can access this article not just on computers but also on mobile devices that have Pocket installed. With this portable application, you may be able to do your curation of content everywhere you go. For adventurous people out there, you may want to check out our list of the best travel blogs, and if ever you find something interesting, you may also want to save it to your Pocket account.



Feedly is both a blog site and an RSS feed reader that will gather data based on the keywords you have provided and will collect content from all areas of the World Wide Web and organize it in one location for your convenience. With Feedly, you may be able to curate content and use it as resources for future use.

Feedly is written in Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and is being developed by DevHD. It was first released to the public in 2008 and is now available on Web browsers and as a mobile application on both Android and iOS devices. In relation to RSS feeds, you may want to check out our gallery of RSS icons.



Trap.It, also spelled as trap!t, is a smart curation tool that gathers third-party content from the Internet and organizes it for easy reference. The reason why this is considered as a “smart” tool is that it learns from you as you continue to curate content and looks for more content that is relevant to the ones that you have gathered. For example, you may have stored an article about graphic design websites and the tool recommends to you an article about software for graphic designers.

This service was founded in 2010, with the intention of building a tool for curation of contents for businesses. With the curated contents that you have “trapped,” you may then be allowed to share these across social media platforms so that others, especially your target audience, can gather information from it.

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