Are you excited for the summer season? You should already be. Summer is fast approaching and there is no time to waste. This season is where all the magic happens since it is filled with all sorts of parties and events, which is quite understandable because it is the time when students get their much awaited break from school. But aside from that, summer is also the season when the weather is most appropriate for going to the beach because the beach water isn’t too cold and the sun’s heat is just warm enough to contrast with the temperature of the water.

If you are planning to hold an intimate summer party, then announcing it by making a couple of phone calls may already be sufficient, though if you want to make it more formal, you can always send out party invitations to your friends and relatives. On the other hand, if you are planning a much grander summer celebration that will be attended by a larger number of people, one of the best and easiest ways to make the announcement would be to use flyers. This way, you will only need to create your own summer flyers and distribute them to your targeted audience

Summer flyers are actually not very hard to make, especially with the availability of pre-made designs on the Internet. You no longer need to stress yourself out in having to make your flyers from the ground up since the designs are already halfway done, all that’s required from you is to make a few adjustments and personal touches to the design. But where can you find these flyer designs that you can download? Right here, my friend. Below are twenty of the most visually stunning summer flyer designs on the Internet, and we brought them before you to save you a lot of time and effort. Interested? Go ahead and check them out below now.

Bokeh Sunset Summer Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

The summer sunset has got to be one of the best scenes that you will ever see in a day, and the party flyer design above clearly shows that scene. Who doesn’t like that view? With the colors of the sky, the seawater, and the sunlight coming together to give out a color that looks extraordinary. And just look at that beautiful silhouette of the trees that adds to the overall beauty of the design.

Kids Summer Camp Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

If there’s an age group who are most excited and are looking forward to the summer season, it has got to be the kids. Children are very easy to please, especially when it comes to kid’s summer parties. If you are planning on hosting one, then we may just have the appropriate poster design for you. Check out the summer camp flyer design above and feel free to download it if you think it’s what you are looking for.

Summer Road Trip Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Summer road trips with friends, family, or relatives, how could it get any better than that? The excitement with road trips already starts just as soon as the car’s engine revs up. And what’s great about road trips is the spontaneity that surrounds it. Along the way, some unexpected stops may be taken if things come up, but that is just part of the excitement. To provide people with that kind of excitement, then use the travel flyer design above to promote your event. That way, they will be so hyped up that they won’t even know what’s coming for them, in a good way of course.

Colorful Summer Beach Party Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Minimalist Summer Fresh Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

What Is the Importance of Flyers?

  • Flyers are an inexpensive option for marketing and promoting products, services, and even events. But aside from just being inexpensive to make and reproduce, flyers are also very easy to make, especially with the availability of pre-made designs on the Internet, users will only need to edit the downloaded design according to their preferences.
  • Regardless of being inexpensive, flyers have since been proven to be effective in serving its purpose of promoting something. And this is because flyers help in spreading relevant information about the products and services to the general public
  • Flyers allow the businesses and organizations to get as creative as they want with their designs, which can help in attracting audiences. But this will still depend on the design of the flyer.
  • Flyers are tangible, and people love when something is tangible. Printing out the flyer design is only the first step, and once a copy of the flyer reaches the hands of the targeted audience, it is already halfway through its objective. Which is why it is important to make your flyers stand out and be able to attract its audience so that its tangible nature wouldn’t go to waste.
  • Using flyers for advertising allows businesses and organizations to measure the outcome of the campaign, whether or not it was able to gather the desired number of prospects. This can be done by keeping track of the number of copies being distributed and comparing it with the number of prospects or attendees that showed up.

Types of Marketing Flyers

  • Leaflets. These are the most common type of flyers that are being used by both businesses and organizations. The reason why leaflets are considered to be the most commonly used type is because among the other types of flyers, this is the easiest and cheapest one to make.
  • Brochures. We may put brochures on separate articles on this website, but believe it or not, brochures—both bifold and trifold—are actually considered as a type of marketing flyer. Brochures are also a very popular choice by many businesses, mainly because they contain various details including the products and/or services with their corresponding descriptions, some information about the business itself, and the benefits that people get if they avail of the said products or services. Unlike leaflets, brochures are able to hold a lot more information.
  • Doorknob Flyers. This type of flyers are actually not very commonly used, but if they were, it would be something new to almost everyone. When it comes to its appearance, this type of flyer resembles those doorknob signs that are being used in hotels, the ones that either says “Do Not Disturb” or “Please Service Room.” But the difference with doorknob flyers is that these are intended for marketing and advertisement.
  • Digital Flyers. In today’s world, a lot of things are in the digital or paperless format, such as electronic mail, online greeting cards, social media banners, and even digital flyers. This type of flyers no longer need to be printed and are commonly sent via email, though it is still best to accompany these with their traditional printed counterpart to increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

Sexy Summer Nightclub Event Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

All sorts of sexiness can be witnessed during the summer season, and we are not even referring to the choice of clothes worn by the people. The word summer itself can already be associated with the word sexy because of the events that happen during the season. You will get to see a lot of sexy dancing along with some sexy music during these days. If sexy is what you are looking for from an event flyer design, then check out what we have above. Not a single element on that design is not sexy, and you can see that for yourself.

Retro Summer Style Party Flyer in PSD

Summer Flyer Design

Retro designs are timeless, and the reason behind that ranges from the choice of typography to the color scheme used. Just check out the retro flyer design above to tell us if we were wrong.

Blue Summer Beach Party Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Hot Bikini Girls Summer Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot during the summer season, so are the beach goers. There, you will see a lot of muscular men in board shorts as well as bikini-clad women strutting and flaunting the best features of their bodies. Take for example the image of the two women above, you will see a whole bunch of them at the beach. How about you? Do you have what it takes?

Flat Typographic Summer Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Guidelines on How to Design Flyers

  • When adding elements, make sure that their color contrasts the one used for the background. This means that if your background uses a darker tone, your typography and other graphical elements should be lighter, and vice versa. This way, it makes your text and images stand out from the background.
  • Make the information on the flyer clearly legible, and you can do this either by choosing an easy to read typeface or by making the text large enough. Also, it would help to arrange the textual elements properly on the design and balance them with the graphical elements.
  • Just like composing a frame for a video or a photo, the rule of thirds will work just as effective when designing flyers. This can be done by dividing the entire layout into nine equal portions, and you will be able to come up with three equal row and three equal columns. The rule of thirds will be able to help you out in structuring the placement of your elements as well as the overall appearance of your flyer design.
  • Keep the contents of your flyer design direct to the point, people wouldn’t want to waste time reading irrelevant details. It is strongly suggested that the readers be able to absorb the information written on the flyer as quickly as possible, and this can only be done if you keep the message from beating around the bush.

Tips When Distributing Flyers

  • When handing out copies of the flyers to the people, make it about them and not about you or the company. To fully entice them to avail to whatever it is that you are trying to promote, you should try to please them as much as possible and make them feel that they are special. Think of it as courtship, but the goal is to win the trust of the target audience.
  • Don’t just hand out a copy of the flyer to a person without even saying anything. This is where others fail when it comes to flyer distribution, they simply stick out their arm with a flyer in hand towards an approaching person without saying anything. How would you expect that person would react if they don’t even know what you are trying to give to them. The best thing to do is to inform the person at the receiving end about your content of the flyer or the goal of your campaign, but be sure to make it as brief as possible.
  • If you wish to make it even more personal, you can also distribute flyers door-to-door, though this will most likely require a lot more effort than having to simply wait for passersby. But then again, going the extra mile will reap you with a lot of rewards in the end.

Melting Popsicles Summer Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Since we know that summer is a very warm season, it makes perfect sense that cold drinks and ice cream are what people seek during these days. It is even advised that people drink a lot of water and keep a bottled beverage handy at all times to keep them from getting dehydrated. The party event flyer design above is a perfect way of promoting an event since it indicates that free Popsicles are given away to its attendees. Now that is an effective way of bribing people.

Minimalist Beach Party Weekend Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Tropical Island Summer Festival Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Take a look at the simple but artistic flyer design above that you can use to promote an event. The middle of the flyer design features an image of a small island in the middle of the ocean, and what makes the image even more artistic is its use of rugged and asymmetrical edges. Beyond this is a sufficient amount of white space where a few more elements are added to further enhance the appearance of the flyer design.

Hot Tamale Summer Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Now what did we say about people in sexy clothing being a norm during summer? Just check out the flyer design above, you will really see a lot of those around beaches or within the premises of beach parties. If you are planning a summer party of this kind, then this club flyer design will never fail to capture people’s attention, guaranteed.

Elegant Summer Event Flyer Design in PSD

Summer Flyer Design

Best Ways to Enjoy the Summer Season

  • Spend time with your friends and be a tourist in your own hometown. Go to a few of the city’s best landmarks and enjoy taking pictures there with some of your closest pals.
  • Remember what it was like during your childhood, reminisce on your most precious memories and bring those experiences back into your life. Channel the kid inside of you and spend time at the playground, a water park, or play board games with your family or friends.
  • Travel and discover new places with your family or friends, disconnect yourself from social media and technology in general, and allow yourself to focus on treasuring each other’s company. You don’t need to spend a lot when doing this, but you will need to set a budget to prevent you from overspending.
  • Broaden your skills and knowledge by enrolling yourself in any clubs or workshops. It may be about art, music, or literature, but this can help teach you things that you have never learned before, as well as allow you to meet new people.

Dos and Don’ts During Summer

  • DO keep a sunscreen handy. Yes, you may have applied a coat of sunscreen all over you before you left the house, but depending on the severity of the heat, you may need to reapply after a few minutes to an hour.
  • DO bring other accessories that can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun such as a hat, sunglasses, an umbrella, or a shawl that you can also use to cover your head.
  • DO prepare yourself for spontaneous beach getaways by always packing a pair of swimwear inside your bag. It’s always better to have at least one ready than not being able to enjoy the trip just because you don’t have the needed apparel.
  • DON’T forget to have a camera ready, you may need it to take breathtaking pictures at the most unexpected times. Take pictures, document, and bring those pictures home as a form of summer souvenir.
  • DON’T get stressed. Be like water, allow yourself to flow freely and just go along with what’s convenient or available at the moment.

Surfer Dude Summer Season Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Modern Summer Light Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Comics Style Summer Beach Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

Above is a uniquely designed summer-themed flyer that is heavily inspired by comic books and graphic novels. The entire design on this party flyer is divided into several unequal parts, and each division holds a specific detail regarding the event. Not only is this flyer design unique and attractive, it is also very well-organized and easy to read.

Silhouette Summer Party Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

If you prefer to use silhouette designs for your flyer design but are worried that it may make your flyers look dull, check out the summer party flyer above and make it as your inspiration. As you can see from the sample, the gradient-colored background can absolutely help in beautifying the appearance of the flyer design, and the color should always contrast with that on the silhouette.

Summer Garden Party Flyer Design

Summer Flyer Design

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you to host your summer event now that you have see our collection of flyer designs? Spread that excitement to others by showing them posters that were made using our designs. But what really makes our flyer designs worth downloading? Why are we so enthusiastic about it? The reason behind that is because these flyer designs were professionally made and are of outstanding quality. These designs were gathered from multiple sources and were created by some of today’s best graphic artists from all over the world.

To make it even exciting for you, let’s talk about the price. Many websites today provide free downloads for their designs, but these are of below average to mediocre quality, and you will really need to invest and pay a lot just to get your hands on high quality designs. But our website is different, we are actually offering our designs for a very reasonable price, which means that you don’t need to spend a fortune just to be able to download awesome poster designs for your events. Now, how exciting does that sound? But we have one more thing to share to you about our designs to fully convince you that our flyer designs are indeed worth every penny.

If you enjoy editing designs, then you will love what you are about to hear from us. Aside from just being high quality and inexpensive, these flyer designs are also fully editable, which allows you to do as much modifications as you want to perfectly achieve that look for your flyers. In addition to that, these designs are also capable of preserving their quality even after all the modifications applied, you may even be able to isolate each element on the design and edit them individually. So how does all of that sound to you? Are you now fully convinced that our designs are worthy of your download? If so, then don’t waste any more time and click on that download button.

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