Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and this holiday is something that many people all over the world—especially those with Irish heritage—are looking forward to. By now, we probably already know that feast days are celebrated in honor of a saint’s death. But unlike most feast days, Saint Patrick’s Day is probably one of the biggest, most awaited, and most fun-filled occasion that it is considered as a public holiday on some parts of the world, and this is probably because the occasion takes into account the so-called luck of the Irish.

On this day, you’ll find parties and celebrations here and there, and people wearing green and drinking green beer (seriously). If you’re asking what’s in the green color that makes it relevant on this occasion, you’ll find that out later in this article. For now, let’s focus on what we have in store for you. If you’re hosting a party or an event on Saint Patrick’s Day, of course you will be needing some sort of tool to promote your event. Luckily, we have an entire collection of flyer designs below and a separate article with St. Patrick’s themed poster designs that you can check out. If you’re starting to feel lucky, go ahead and check out the designs below.

Emblem Ribbon Style St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Let’s start the show running by checking out this simple but very beautiful party flyer design that features an emblem or a ribbon. Within this element is the name of the occasion that seems to have been engraved on to the surface. To add to the creativity of this design, the entire look also has this vintage or rustic theme.

Gold Coins Typographic St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Four-Leaf Clover St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Some would use the three-leaf clover to symbolize St. Patrick’s Day, while others would use the four-leaf clover. But regardless of which, it would still lead us to associate it with the occasion, which is the case with the music party flyer design above. This design features a prominent symbol on the background, which is a textured image of a lucky four-leaf clover.

Vintage Irish Luck St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Now is your chance, the leprechaun is away and left only his hat and two of his pots of gold. Go ahead and download the vintage-inspired flyer design above, or else he’ll be able to catch you.

What Is Saint Patrick’s Day?

When it comes to celebrations and holidays, it all leads to one question, “What is Saint Patrick’s Day?” The answer to that is very simple, though it may still need a few more details to curious people. Saint Patrick’s Day is the feast day of one of Ireland’s prominent patron saint. Just like all other feast days, it is observed to commemorate not the birth of that particular saint, but their death.

But then, the answer to that will lead us to another question, “Who is Saint Patrick?” He was a missionary who was born in Roman Britain in the late 4th century to a very wealthy family. At the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and was brought to Gaelic Ireland as a slave. For six years, he worked there as a shepherd, and that was when he was called by God.

With the guidance of God, Patrick was able to escape from captivity and was led to a coast where a ship was waiting for him. When he got back to his country, Patrick proceeded to becoming a priest. After being ordained, he returned to Ireland to convert the pagans to Christianity. Rumor has it that he was able to convert thousands of pagan Irish all around the northern part of Ireland. And, according to tradition, Patrick died on March 17 and was buried at Downpatrick.

Since then, March 17 has become an important date for Christians, especially the Irish locals and those emigrants from Ireland who wish to reconnect with their Irish roots.

Where Is Saint Patrick’s Day Observed?

Many would expect that Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations originated entirely in Ireland, and while most of them do, the parades actually originated in North America—specifically in New York City—in the 18th century. It was only during the 20th century when Saint Patrick’s Day parades were practiced in Ireland. The parade would usually consist of marching bands, fire brigades, the military, cultural and charitable organizations, youth groups, volunteers, and fraternities.

But to answer the question with regards to where this occasion is being observed, Saint Patrick’s Day is—aside from Ireland and the United States—also celebrated in Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Russia. Today, Saint Patrick’s Day is seen as both a religious occasion and a public holiday, with over a million people taking part in this joyous event.

Green Beer St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Minimalist Retro-Themed St. Patrick’s Party Flyer Design


If there’s one thing about St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a lot of beer and booze. To those who are planning to hold a booze-filled party, then the minimalist party flyer design above would be an awesome pick.

Green Booze St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Now what did we tell you about booze? If the previous minimalist event flyer design wasn’t able to stimulate your interests, then the one above might be.

Flag of Ireland St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


What would St. Patrick’s Day be without paying respects to the country of Ireland, and its flag of course. The dance party flyer design above does that with finesse, by featuring the three colors of the Irish flag on the background.

What Is the Relevance of Wearing Green during Saint Patrick’s Day?

Ever since the 1640s, the color green has always been associate with Ireland, and this resulted from the use of the green harp flag by the Irish Catholic Confederation. By the 1680s, Irish people started wearing green ribbons and accessories that contained an image or a symbol of a shamrock during Saint Patrick’s Day.

However, an organization that was founded in 1783 called the Order of Saint Patrick adopted blue as the official color, and this led to the blue color being associated with Saint Patrick.

During the 1790s, the Irish nationalists adopted the green color, and this was due to green being used by the United Irishmen—an organization that comprised of many Catholic members but was led mostly by Protestants, who launched a rebellion against the British rule. After which, the green was once again the color associated with Saint Patrick’s Day, and this association grew throughout the 20th century.

What Is the Relevance of the Clover Plant with Saint Patrick’s Day?

The three-leaf clover—otherwise known as a shamrock—has long since been associated with Saint Patrick’s Day, and the reason behind this is because it was said to have been used by Saint Patrick to explain to the pagans in Ireland regarding the Christian Holy Trinity—God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. According to the legend, the shamrock was used as a metaphor, with each leaf representing each entity in the Holy Trinity.

But there have been common misconceptions with the use of the shamrock. Some depict it with having four leaves instead of three. The chances of finding a four-leaf clover is one in every ten thousand, which would mean that only those who are lucky enough are able to find these rare beings. Aside from simply being associated to good luck, four-leaf clovers are also associated to hope, faith, and love, though others would also say that the four leaves represent love, health, fame, and wealth.

Rustic Green Beer Bottle St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Cool Clover Pattern St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Here’s a cool and unique take on the lucky four-leaf clover on a party flyer design, the arrangement of the elements is very organized that it is somewhat hypnotic. If you think so too, then why not download the design above? Go ahead, do it.

Chalkboard-Inspired St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Sans Serif Typographic St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


The club flyer design above is very simplistic and organized, it is literally dummy-proof. The content and elements are assigned to different sections on the design, you will easily be able to find the details that you need regarding the event.

Photorealistic Clover Leaves St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


How Important Are Flyers for Businesses?

  • Flyers allow businesses to promote themselves and their products and services to their prospects directly. Aside from just businesses, it also helps in promoting various events that are being organized by event planners.
  • The flyers themselves contain a lot of relevant information, and since flyers are tangible tools, the prospects are allowed to keep a copy of the flyer once they get hold of it. This way, the flyer can keep them informed or they can choose to hand it to another person who may also be interested on what is being advertised.
  • Flyers are easy and inexpensive to make. In fact, they can be created and produced without having to spend a lot of money. When designing flyers, you will simply need someone who knows the basics in graphics editing, and a printing industry. But if you have the skills and tools needed to do both, then the better.
  • Speaking of being easy to make, the Internet is filled with downloadable templates that businesses and organizations can use as basis for their flyer’s design. By downloading these, you will no longer need to make your flyers from scratch, therefore saving you all the stress.
  • Flyers have since been proven effective in serving its purpose, which is obviously the reason why they are still in existence today.

Tips on How to Make Effective Flyers

  • Set an astonishing first impression by making a very catchy headline. Once you are able to pull this off, you’ll be able to capture the attention of the prospect easily and will make them want to read more from your flyer. But a word of caution when making a headline, avoid using cliches and other catchphrases that have been overused; it is very important to think of something different and unique.
  • Make sure to convey the right message on the flyer design, and we’re not even referring only to the content written of the flyer, but also with regards to its length. Your flyer should be able to provide readers with all the information they need, and at the shortest length possible. The best way that you can do this is by organizing your content and making use of bullet points. This way, aside from just being brief, your flyer will also be easy to read.
  • If in case you are not able to provide your prospects with all the information, just focus on the most relevant details and add an inviting call to action that will stimulate the reader’s curiosity and lead them to reach out to you for more information. A very common example for this is by stating, “Contact us for more details.” It may seem like a cliche to use that line, but it has been proven to be an effective strategy.

Lucky Hat of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


It looks like the leprechaun had too much gold coins in his cauldron that he decided to put the rest of it inside his green, little hat.

Luxurious Gold St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Cheers and Beers Chalkboard St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


Here is another chalkboard flyer design that you may also be interested in. But unlike the previous one, this flyer design focuses heavily on typography. Cheers!

Golden Shamrock Coin St. Patrick’s Day Flyer Design


If you wish to incorporate various relevant symbols on to your party flyer design but don’t want to let it end up cluttered, the design above may be able to provide you with what you need. For this design, it includes both the flag of Ireland as well as the shamrock. What’s amazing about this flyer design is that even with all those elements, it doesn’t look chaotic, and it’s simply because this design maximizes its use of white space.

You’re here, which only means that you have made your way through all of our Saint Patrick’s Day event flyer designs, and at this point you probably have chosen at least one design that works perfectly for you. As a matter of fact, you should, and why is that? It’s because these flyer designs were gathered from among the most exceptional ones on the Internet, and these designs were created professionally by some of today’s most skillful graphic artists from all over the world. That said, you already have an idea with regards to the quality of these flyer designs, who made them, and where they were gathered from.

Now that we have got that covered, let’s move on to other awesome attributes about our flyer designs. When it comes to editability, these flyer design are actually highly editable but only if you are using the correct editing tool. Which means Adobe Photoshop goes with PSD flyer designs, and Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW go with designs in the vector format. But don’t get the wrong impression, even with those awesome properties, these flyer designs are priced very reasonably, so there is absolutely no reason at all that you won’t be able to afford them. So if you’re feeling lucky, go ahead and make your day by clicking on that download button.

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