It has been a practice in the retail world to slash prices and offer discounts on the days or week leading up to a holiday. In the United States, one of the most popular time to conduct a sale is that time period approaching Labor Day. During these days, stores and malls are setting up week-long or weekend wide sales to lure consumers who will mostly be off work and/or out partying during the long weekend.

Business owners can take advantage of this period in order to earn more even if they are offering items on a bargain price. One way to do that is by putting up Labor Day Sale banners on the days prior to the event. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to effectively create banner designs and use Labor Day Sale banners.

Why Put Up Sale Banners

  • To Inform Consumers. The most common reason for putting up sale banners is to inform your customer base. This gives customers ample time to budget and/or schedule a store visit during the sale run.
  • To Entice Customers. Aside from informing customers, sale banners also work as persuasion tools. When they are formatted right, they can capture a customer’s attention and hopefully also entice him/her into buying something from the store.
  • To Be Competitive. During Labor Day weekend sales, almost every business establishment will be selling their products and services at a discount. If you do not want your business be left out, it is time to rethink your marketing strategy and institute a store-wide sale day. If you are knowledgeable enough in the supply-demand and cost accounting aspects of your business, you may even structure your sale days so that you can profit instead of lose money.
  • To Promote Your Store or Business. Having a sale day primarily works as a method of getting more customers and, subsequently, more sales. An often indirect but welcome effect of this technique is that a business gains more traction in whatever industry that it is operating in. This is especially true when people get good customer service experience and a good bargain at your store during the sale period.
  • To Reward Loyal Customers. Running a Labor Day sale or any sale may also work as a strategy to retain current customers. You do not have to always be focused on acquiring new customers. Businesses should also take proactive steps in keeping the current customer base that they have. And this is done by instituting holiday sales (especially a Labor Day sale) and advertising about this event using Labor Day Sale banners.

Sale Banner Formats

After learning about the different reasons why you must set up sale banners, you should learn about the different types of sale banners that you can use if you want to launch an effective sales campaign. Read on for the different types of sale banners and learn how to use each type for a different target audience.

  • Banner Print Ads on Newspapers. Banner ads are usually found on newspapers, magazines, and other forms of printed media. If you want to notify and attract the newspaper reading public, getting a newspaper banner ad will be worth it. The printed media is also a good way to attract those in the older demographics since they are the ones who still read newspapers and magazines. Businesses in the furniture, adult wear, and fine dining establishments may find huge returns when they advertise through the printed form.
  • Tarpaulin Banners on Storefronts and Inconspicuous Places. Just like any type of modern advertising banners, sale banners are now usually printed using tarpaulin materials and placed strategically on a business storefront and/or in any location near the establishment. This sale banner design format works best for business establishments who want to attract impulse buyers since the ads are placed near the store.
  • Banner Ads on Websites and Blogs. Sale banners now also have their own counterpart in the online world. Websites and blogs can now easily put up banner ads into their sites. If your store have a website or social media account, you may upload a copy of your sale banners into your site. Or, you may also buy ad time from other well-known sites and advertise your Labor Day Sale (for example) on these sites’ users. Examples of websites selling ad space are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube among others.
  • In-Store Product Banners. Sale banners strategically placed inside your store premises is an ingenious way of getting more sales. To implement this strategy, you may need to use product banners for each product that you wish to sell more. Consult with the sales and marketing department of your company for optimal ways to insert your product banners to ensure maximum customer exposure and profit.

Also note that with all these sale banner formats, there is an associated cost for using them. Getting printable banner designs, banner ads space on newspapers and advertising on Facebook, for example, will all entail varying costs depending on the number and demographic of people you are trying to reach.

How to Use Labor Day Sale Banners

There are different ways you can use sale banners for a Labor Day gimmick at your store. We have listed a few pieces of advice that will get you tangible and positive results.

  • Position In-store Sales Banners in Easily Noticeable Areas. A store’s Labor Day sales banners, by nature, should be noticed by its intended audience. And when you use these product sales banners inside your store, you need to strategically place them in area/s that is most visited by people. These often are the storefront, near the cashier, and the areas with high volume of new products.
  • Use A Clean Design Layout in Your Sale Banners. Whether you are personally designing your store’s sale banners or you are hiring a graphic artist, always make sure that the banner’s design is simple and straight to the point. Gaudy banner designs tend to crowd out the message of the advert and turn off customers.
  • Include the Exact Discount or Sale Amounts. Always consider sale banners as business banners and treat them as such. And in order to write an effective business banner copy, you need to choose attractive but truthful words. Consumers are easily enticed by businesses who offer high discount rates. As a business owner, you also need to be honest and make sure that you do offer that specific discount amount at your store.
  • Word Choice Is Important. Even if sale banners typically only consist of a few words, you still need to carefully select the right words that will elicit the right set of emotions and reactions from your customers. For instance, including $ signs in your banners may decrease your customer’s spending. This is a practice that most restaurant owners implement in their restaurant menu card designs because customers tend to be conscious of overspending when the currency sign is present on a menu card. Other words that you should not include in your sales banners are Hurry, Now, and Guarantee, among others.
  • Take Care of Your Sale Banners. A good thing about sale banners is that they can be reused as long as you take care of them. To illustrate, you can repeatedly use Labor Day Sale banners yearly if you want to save on graphic design and printing fees.
  • Make Sure the Banner Font Style Is Legible from a Distance. A good sale banner is one that is written in legible font style and can be read from afar. Banners primarily serve as a tool for announcing exciting information about a person, thing, event, or location. You need to make sure that anyone can read the banner. There are different rules for banner letter height depending on the size of the banner that you are creating. So make sure to consult with a graphic designer or your marketing team in order to nail this aspect right.
  • Include Company Branding in the Banner. Holidays like Labor Day weekends is one of the staple advertising seasons where companies and brands work out of their way in order to score TV and radio ad minutes. If you are operating a small local store, make sure to include your company’s logo design on the sale banner. This practice not only gives your company exposure and relevance but it also gives credibility to your sale offerings.
  • Use Discount and Sale Banners Discriminatingly. This means that you should only employ sales tactics, and thus use sale banners, during highly targeted seasons or months. Consumers tend to be put off by stores who always conduct a “sale” weekly or monthly as this can mean that the goods or services on sale are not really on sale. Having a product sale two or three times a year can work wonders for your business in terms of acquiring new customers, retaining old ones, and increasing profit.

Why Conduct a Sale

As reiterated in the earlier paragraphs, there is a right way and a wrong way of conducting a sale. And using event promotion banners is an example. When business owners combine all these techniques with an engaging marketing campaign, it will surely result to an all-around net gain.

But if you are still on the fence of whether to conduct a sale or not, look into the following reasons and reassess if your business needs a strategy like conducting a sale:

  • To get rid of surplus inventory. Businesses, especially those in the retail industry, tend to deal with a fast moving supply and demand cycle. Due to this cycle, some stores will find themselves with last season garments and products that they will need to return (at a loss) or to sell fast. If you (or your business) belong to the latter category, conducting a sale is one way of getting rid of this excess inventory. This is an almost standard practice followed by most businesses today.
  • To get more customers. When stores offer discounted items (as what occurs during a sale), consumers are more likely to try out their products or services since they are available at a lower price. And if these customers like their service or products, they will return to purchase more of these products even if they are no longer offered at a discounted rate. Conducting product sales then becomes a win-win scenario for both customers and businesses.
  • To reinvent your brand or business. Conducting sales is not merely a profit-gaining strategy. Clearance sales, for example, is a way to get rid of all products if your business is liquidating or moving into other models. On a positive side, business may also benefit from sales if they want to refocus their entire business, and a way to do this is selling old products at a discounted rate. Store owners will still be able to earn money from these old products and they can use this money to fund their store’s reinvention.

Targeted Labor Day Sale Banner Set Template

labor day sale banner set template

This Labor Day Sale banner is perfect for businesses who want to target female workers. It may also be used by those in the clothing and retail business to effectively spread information about their respective store’s sale events.

Labor Day Sale Banner Sample

labor day sale banner samples

This Labor Day Sale Banner Set will work for those who have websites and e-commerce stores as these sale banners can be customized as banner ads. As shown in the website mock-up designs above, these sale banners come in different sizes and may be used as header banners, sidebar banners, or even in-text banners.

Vector Labor Day Sale Banner

vector labor day sale banner 1280x1204

If you specifically want to design a Labor Day Sale banner that will match you and your business’s image, you may need to use an image editing software to create the banner design of your dreams. The Vector Labor Day Sale Banner above may be used to enhance your design. It can then be printed out in different types of material like tarpaulin, billboards, flyers, and pamphlets.

Labor Day Sale Banner

wallpaper labor day sale banner 1280x695

This wallpaper Labor Day Sale banner design works well if it is also used with a store’s marketing campaign. This may include, but is not limited to, parties and other events sponsored by the company. For instance, your store can help host a Labor Day party and give away Labor Day party flyers sporting the same sale banner design.

Patriotic Labor Day Sale Banner

patriotic labor day sale banner

The sale banner featured above is a perfect example of a sale banner design since it includes all the relevant information needed for any sales advertisement. It also incorporates the red-blue-white colors and thus giving off a patriotic feel. It can be customized for both website and printable use.

Lady Liberty Labor Day Sale Banners

lady liberty labor day sale banner

The Labor Day Sale banner shown above is available in PSD (Photoshop) format as with most sale banner samples embedded in this article. This means that you can customize the colors and text to match your business’s needs.

Labor Day Sale Banner Template Set

labor day sale banner template set

Stars Labor Day Sale Banner

stars labor day sale banner 1280x1256

As the heading implies, this next Labor Day Sale banner primarily features golden stars of varying sizes. This helps create a competitive appeal on the banner and may suit most sporting goods and athletic stores. Bookstores and office supply stores can also effectively harness this effect if they use this sale banner design.

Black and White Labor Day Sale Banner

two color labor day sale banner 1280x1280

This Labor Day Sale banner is available in two color schemes: light and dark. All elements can still be modified if you do not like the black and white main color schemes. When using this sale banner, just make sure to include all the necessary elements that should be present in a sale banner ad.

Labor Day Sale Banner Set

labor day sale banner set e1503559499469

The Labor Day Banner Set embedded above includes four different banner design versions. You may only get one or all of the banner designs to help spice up your store’s sale banners. These sale banner designs sport a professional look but they do no exude a serious feeling that may put off other customers like how some corporate banner designs do.

How to Be a Discerning Sale Shopper

Almost all the information detailed above is relevant to business owners who wants to know more about conducting a sale and how to create effective sale banners. In this section, we will provide tips for the average consumer on how they can better handle and get the most out of store sales.

  • Prevent sale fatigue. Sale fatigue can occur when you are repeatedly exposed to sale and discount offers from the same set of stores whether online or in the real world. To prevent sale fatigue, it is a good idea to limit your email subscription to retail sites or avoid reading emails that come from them. In the real world, sale fatigue prevention can be done by keeping away from malls and/or by just not going inside the stores that you love.
  • Be wary of stores that always seem to offer discounts and sales. Most companies (especially franchised retail brands) have a specific policy of when and how to conduct sales. If you happen to come across a store who seem to put up sale banners, be wary as these stores may not really be offering discounted prices on the items they sell. They may only be putting up a sale sign to lure more customers. This is an illegal practice and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau if found to be true.
  • Most stores conduct sales events on days or weeks leading up to a national holiday. For example, the Labor Day weekend is a common time among business establishments to offer discounts. Malls may also have an annual mall-wide anniversary sale and will make such announcements using event banners in the store premises. It is best to plan around your shopping spree during these events so that you will be guaranteed of getting a good deal or two.
  • Learn the store’s layout. Labor Day sales and other holiday sale events tend to draw a large crowd. If you want a certain item from a certain store at a discounted rate, it pays to know the store’s layout so that you can find your way to the store location easily even when the place gets crowded. During big sale events, you really need to be early to prevent running out of your desired item/s.
  • Learn how to haggle with class. Haggling over product prices is not limited to shopping at thrift stores and pop-up stores. Some stores may allow haggling over item prices, so practice this skill as this may come in handy during the upcoming Labor Day Weekend sale season.
  • Inspect the item or product well before buying it. Some stores often get away with selling damaged or non-functioning products during a sale. To avoid the hassle and frustration of dealing with this issue, always inspect any item before checking out the item. Look at the seams, the stitches, the back side, and other areas that may become easily damaged.
  • Reassess if you really need the item or service. It is almost Labor Day and most stores will surely conduct a sale. But despite seeing discounted pricing in sale banners all over town, you should still ask yourself if you really need an item or not. Being a discerning shopping also means being a responsible shopper. Primarily, you need to be financially responsible and not buy things just because they were on sale.
  • Wear flat or running shoes. This tip generally applies to those who want to shop in-store or inside a mall. Before you can get a good deal inside a mall, you may need to look at all the possible options first. So you may have to visit different stores before you can finally find the right items to buy. In this case, wearing a good pair of flat or running shoes will be your savior. Do not ever spend your entire shopping day wearing heels or you will not be able to walk the next day.

And that’s it! A few tips that will come in handy when you prepare for your next shopping spree. The next you see a roll-up banner design telling you about the great Labor Day sale in your local mall, you will surely be ready for it, won’t you?


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