People say that chocolate helps stimulate the happy hormones in our bodies. This means that you can become euphoric after consuming a few chocolate bars. No wonder people love it so much!

There is always something behind chocolates as to why people crave them, aside from the reason mentioned earlier.

Chocolates can also be taken as a sign of love and sweetness, which is why couples give a box of chocolates to their respective partners as a gift, especially during Valentine’s day and other special occasions.

Below are some of the best chocolate bar packaging mockups we have collected from various reliable websites. We have gathered them for your convenience, and you won’t need to look anywhere else for them. These mockup designs range from box or paper type packaging to the aluminum wrapper type to provide you with a lot to choose from.

Go ahead and scroll down to see the designs yourself.


Square Size Chocolate Packaging Mockup Design


For a cute and unique chocolate packaging mockup, download this design. The way the chocolate is packed and the use of a box material, it looks like a miniature pizza box. To give the consumer an idea on how much cacao content is in the chocolate bar in the most obvious way possible, the cacao percentage is written on the top surface in large numbers. This way, chocolate consumers who prefer a chocolate bar that is more on the sweet and milky side, they will know right away to avoid those with a big 65% on it.


Elegant Chocolate Bar Mockup Design


Gold chocolate bars? Why not? There are even people who treat chocolate bars as if it were the most priceless items in the entire world, that they would do everything just to get their hands on a single chocolate bar. With this mockup design, it makes each and every pack of chocolate bar worth placing inside a treasure chest. An alternative design to this one is a solid black package with gold text in the middle.


Typography Chocolate Package Mockup Design


Realistic 3D Chocolate Bar Mockup Design


Happy Man Chocolate Mockup Design


Look at the big, happy man on this food packaging design. We’re sure you will feel the same way after sinking your mouths in the actual chocolate bars. To keep the design from appearing cluttered, the use of colors are kept to a minimum. If you want to enhance the quality of the entire packaging, you can use a golden-colored foil to wrap the chocolate. This way, it adds more color to contrast with the monochrome outer layer. For as low as $7.00, you will be getting a total of 8 packaging mockup designs, which is a very good deal, if you ask us.


Blue Purple Chocolate Wrapper and Logo Mockups


Download this product label mockup design for an expensive looking chocolate bar. The blue backdrop on the design contains an ornate pattern for elegance, and on top of that is a textured purple strip to help make the typography and other features stand out. On the topmost layer of the design is the brand name of the chocolate bar, the cacao percentage, and some images to support the appearance and/or the contents of the actual chocolate bar.


Colorful Plants Chocolate Mockup Designs


Coloring pages for adults have become a trend over the recent years, but unlike the children’s counterpart, theirs lean toward the abstract side. On this packaging mockup, the backdrop appears to be in a similar style to those adult coloring books. The main subject matter on the backdrop of this label design are flowers and leave, and they are arranged to fill-up the entire packaging. Even with all the design, it still manages to look creative, and the texts are still readable thanks to the space provided for it. If you are a fan of this kind of style, then this design is perfect for you.


Vintage Chocolate Bar Packaging Mockups


Trendy Luxurious Chocolate Packaging Design


Why You Should Use Our Packaging Mockups

Our chocolate packaging mockups designs were meticulously selected from among the best ones all over the internet, and these were designed by skillful and inventive graphic artists worldwide. These mockups designs are can also be downloaded easily and for a very reasonable price, we will make sure that you will be getting your money’s worth.

These mockup designs are fully editable. Some are in vector format, and some are in layered PSD, but regardless of which, these designs can be altered easily on Photoshop.


How to Use Our Packaging Mockups

  • Choose from among the packaging label mockup designs on our website, and download the one that you want to use for your chocolate bar.
  • Open your downloaded file on a photo editor and customize the design according to how you want it to look like. Here, you can add, remove, or edit elements on the design such as the backdrop, text, and images. While these files may work on most photo editing software or applications, it is best recommended that you use Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw for the highest compatibility.
  • After finalizing the design on your packaging mockup, take it to a printing company and have it printed.

Packaging designs can be used any way you want and for any purpose, you just have to get creative with it. You may even go for trials-and-errors with the design without worrying about the expenses since you will only need to pay once when you download. So what are you waiting for? Download a chocolate packaging mockup design now!

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