The $60 Million Windowless Private Jet concept

Every seat on this private jet is the ultimate window seat, but there’s just one catch – there are no windows. A global design company has come up with an innovative concept for a windowless private jet that uses external cameras to capture a real-time, 360-degree panoramic view of the space around the plane. The… Read More »

Fashion in China: Beijing Style

Streets of Sanlitun in Beijing are the hot and happening for fashion lovers, who love to flock to showcase their latest acquisition. Glamorous beauties dressed in their chic branded dresses and accessories can be found smiling and enjoying their walk on the streets. TV journalists also flock in numbers to catch up with fashionistas to… Read More »

Fade Haircut Designs

Hot and happening, the fade haircuts has become very popular this year with men, especially black men. Sporting various types, the fad has not only caught up with youngsters but also men of all ages. Men are really enjoying this cool clean look coiffure. Even celebrities and world class athletes are sporting this style. Hollywood… Read More »

The Spring 2015 Jewelry Design Trends

Global fashion trends seem to be shifting back to the 1970s. The Hippie cult is back on the runway at ‘The Spring 2015’. Mismatching is the ultimate trend that makes its return after four and a half decades. Fashionistas new found beauty lies in the irregularities. Ear ornamentation has replaced the single earring trend. Brass… Read More »

Burgundy is the New Navy

Trends keep changing in the fast-fast world of fashion. Styles, colors, materials, choices, creations… in fact, everything related to fashion changes constantly. Once navy was considered the color for every season. This fall, Burgundy is the ‘new’ navy! With the ‘70s’ decade fashion making a comeback this fall on runway, haute couture is dominated with… Read More »

Garden Design Trends of 2015

Transformation of design trends as per changing seasons is thanks to the designers of the world. The experts in the fields create these trends for the world to follow to move in time. It is a good sign that ‘Garden Design Trends’ for 2015 has become more eco-friendly towards nature. Painted house numbers The color… Read More »

Top Super Models of 2015

Hot & Happening: They have been ruling the world of Fashion with their killer looks, fabulous figure, photogenic faces and walks – that kills many around the globe. Their lifestyle is certainly hard to replicate and envious to the world. Glamour dolls for many, they rule the Fashion world to earn in million dollars. They… Read More »

Handbags Design: The 2015 Fall Designs

The 2015 Fall Designs have seen the return of the most eventful decade of fashion – the 1970s. The ‘floral pattern’ and the ‘shape’ of the 70s’ make a grand return after almost four and a half decades. The demure garden variety trend iterations showcasing floral patterns are much in demand with fashionistas. At ‘The… Read More »