Product Designs

The design of products involve a wide take on the constantly evolving forms of design. The key feature of product design is to acknowledge the data and value of the product. In this age, products must have a flexible design as a product design cannot simply be “pretty.” To create a product, designers must evaluate and turn an idea into a concept. Over the last few years, the process of designing product has adopted the rise of 3D printing as this consumer-friendly printer is able to produce dimensional objects. Read More

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Product?

When choosing a product design, it is important to consider features with great design, accessibility and functionality. Knowing what works for the product is important as this will help you achieve a successful product design. A product must be tailored to a particular market as this will make it easier to attract the general taste of the consumer. Any new product must be registered as this may result in intellectual property theft if not properly checked.

Choosing a new product design must be considered to be manufactured locally or overseas. As the cost of manufacturing vary, you must weigh out the pros and cons of which means to rely on for outsourcing the product design. A designer must also consider the market value of the product as well as understand how market campaigns will emphasize the uniqueness of a product.

What Role Does a Color Play in Product Designs?

As no single color carries the same meaning to everyone, knowing what colors plays a vital role in the design of a product is quite imperative. The color red is a symbol of power, strength and speed. This bold color is most compared to products that cause the highest rate of impulse purchases. Orange is seen as warm and playful as it symbolizes vitality. You may notice orange is used in a large variety of fruit juices.

As white symbolizes a sense of simplicity and cleanliness, it is no wonder that Apple founder Steve Jobs had designed the most successful products the color white. Black represents class and sophistication in the market while green represents a form of environment and nature. This is highly appealing for eco-enthusiasts that are environmentally aware.

What are Creative Ways to Design a Product?

The main feature that stands out in a product is the packaging. An interesting design can make the physical product appear better and stand out from the crowd. Using creative elements can turn an ordinary watch or telephone into an amazing product that may sell out fast.

For effective product designs and packing, knowing what’s in trend and attractive will set you on the right path. Here at Design Trends, we’ve got the latest updates on products and designs.