In food establishments such as restaurants, diners, fast food joints, or even small-time cafeterias, any establishment that offers food should make use of a tool that will help its customers in choosing what to eat and drink. Even in buffets, wherein all the food are simply lined up on a table and people simply pick up a plate and get food for themselves, these tools offer an alternative to those customers who opt not to go for the buffet table. What actually are these tools? These are collectively known as food menus, and they are used for listing down the dishes and beverages available in that establishment for the customers to choose.

Just like other written tools, these food menus come in various shapes and sizes, and there are even different types of food menus that we will be dealing with shortly. The important thing about food menus is its content, the dishes and drinks that are being listed down. In most cases, food menus contain the said lists and the corresponding prices for each food and drink, but this is usually not the case food menus used in events, wherein the complete courses of the meal and drinks have already been paid for by the event’s host. In addition to the contents of food menus, some establishments—most notably restaurants—write a short description of the dish below its name with regards to its ingredients and how the dish is prepared.

If you are either managing a food establishment or simply organizing a social gathering, and you plan on using a food menu for your customers or attendees, then you are definitely in luck because we may just have a collection of very unique design templates for you. Below this is that collection of designs, and these downloadable and editable food menu designs come in rounded shapes. We did mention earlier that food menus can come in different shapes, so why not make them in an unconventional designs? Most of the food menus that we see come in squares or rectangles, but it’s not reason that you should do the same. Check out the collection of round menu cards below by scrolling down.

Vertical Stripes Round Menu Card Design

Now that we are officially IN this article, let’s start by checking out this first round-shaped menu card design which is intended to be used for weddings or anniversaries. From the topmost portion of this minimalist menu card design, it shows the name of the couple that are hosting the event, followed by some details about the event which includes the date and the venue, and then below that are the list of dishes being served for that said event. On the background of this wedding menu card design are black and white vertical stripes, which may seem simple, but when incorporated with the typography, is actually effective in enhancing the appearance of the design.

Broadway Typography Round Menu Card Design

Here is the next menu card design on this collection, which very much has similarities with the previous one in terms of the sequence of its contents. However, the differences between this and the previous design include the lack of the host’s name on the card, which means that you can freely use this design for any type of event. Another notable difference is that the text on this one are effectively emphasized by having them written over a solid white background. On the edges of this design are two layers of borders: one having a golden and textured look and the other border having an abstract line pattern.

Hand-Drawn Food Doodles Round Menu Card Design

Elegant Black Round Wedding Menu Card Design

Pizza Illustration Round Menu Card Design

Nowadays, we have seen lots of variations when it comes to pizza, such as the still-ongoing debate with regards to pineapple on pizza, and the use of a different shape for the dough. But the traditional shape for the pizza’s dough has always been round, ever since, which is why this menu card design perfectly fits to the business it represents. The best way that you can make the most out of this design is use one side for adding an actual image or just an illustration of a pizza pie, and using the back for listing the dishes and drinks.

Pink Floral Round Wedding Reception Menu Card Design

Pastries Round Chalkboard Menu Card Design

In many countries, most notably in Europe, they make use of large chalkboards as their food cafe menus and places these outside their establishment. This is to allow passersby to see what these establishments are serving without the need of actually going inside. For this menu card design, it makes use of a chalkboard-inspired theme to pay homage to those actual chalkboard menus. This one, however, focuses more on pastries, as seen on the image above. The illustrations of the donuts, croissants, and muffins act as the border of the design, and you can use the blank space in the middle for writing down the lists of pastries available in your establishment.

Check out this beautiful event menu card design, from simply looking at it, you can already acknowledge its theme—which is love—because of its color scheme and the decorative details on the sides. Love is indeed the theme of this menu card design since it is intended to be used for wedding receptions. If you choose to use this menu card design, just make sure that the motif of your wedding goes along with the color scheme on this design. If it doesn’t, then you can always change it up using your graphics editing software.

Stock Marble Surface Round Menu Card Design

Blue Polka Dots Round Menu Card Design

Jack Skellington and Sally, the lovers and the main protagonists in the 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas. As you can see from the design above, those two characters are being illustrated in black silhouette form standing on an edge of a hill. What’s great about this menu card design is that it makes effective use of the solid black surface from the silhouette illustration, since this is where the lists of dishes as well as the other text are being written. Acting as the design’s border is a purple, textured ring that compliments the color scheme used for this round-shaped wedding menu card design.

Fast Food Illustrations Round Menu Card Design

Luxurious Golden Border Round Menu Card Design

For this rounded dinner menu card design, just like the other designs that you have just seen, the lists of the different dishes are written on the middle column of the design, and leaving the sides empty of any text to allow for other elements. On this one, the sides contain a ring that is in the same color as the one used for the text’s headers. Outside this ring are abstract lines to help in creating a more artistic and creative look for this menu card design.

Orange Slices Round Dessert Menu Card Design

To those who prefer a simple look for their menu card, but also want it to look enticing and lively, here is a design that may work for you. The prints on this design are very straightforward, wherein it simply lists down the various entrees, main dishes, the desserts, and the beverages. What’s great about this is that you can take advantage of different colors to add some creativity to your menu cards. This modern menu card design effectively balances simplicity with creativity, which is something that every design should do.

Last but definitely not the least, a round and blank menu card design that makes use of a chalkboard theme, how simple can it get? There is not much I can say about this menu card design except that it is entirely in solid black, and that its text and illustrations are done using the design’s negative space. The theme of this design is already perfect as it is, and it is also easy on the eyes. But for those who wish to add a little more to this, you may do so, but make sure to keep it at a limit to prevent this chalkboard menu design from ending up looking cluttered.

So what did you think of the round menu cards that you have just seen? Were they able to capture your interests? Were you able to pick a design that works best for you? We really hope you did since these are not only unique menu card designs, but these are actually high quality and professionally-crafted round menu card designs. But to help convince you that these designs are really worth downloading, here are a few more information behind their sources, the editability, and the price of downloading these round-shaped food menu card designs.

To answer the question behind the sources of these round food menu card designs, these were actually gathered from multiple websites that offer visually stunning, impressively artistic, and high resolution design templates to people. In terms of who created these designs, some of this generation’s most imaginative graphic artists from all over the world are actually the people responsible for these wonderful round menu card designs. These graphic artists are aware of the demands from people and what to do to make something that’s been commonly used to stand out from the others, and in this case, the shape used is what helps the design to stand out.

Now to address the concerns regarding the editability of these designs. Aside from the appearance or the presentation of design, many people will also take into consideration the extent as well as the ease of editing them. The reason behind this is to simply determine how much modifications you are able to apply onto the design. You’ll be glad to know that these menu card designs are, in fact, both fully and easily editable, but you may only be able to enjoy these if you have the appropriate editing tools installed on your system. To be much more specific, vector graphics editors such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Inkscape go with vector-based designs, while Adobe Photoshop go with designs saved in PSD format. There are actually other formats and other editing tools available out there, and it is best to familiarize them to determine which format goes with which software.

And finally, in terms of the cost for downloading these round menu designs, if the editability of these designs alone captured your interests, wait until you find out how much you will need to spend to download these designs. For your information, you may be able to download these high-quality designs for a very reasonable price, which itself is a very good deal. Most template websites may charge you a lot to be able to download designs that are THIS impressive, but not ours. You may even say that you’ll be getting more than what you’re paying. Good deal, right? So grab the opportunity and start downloading a round menu card design now.

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