Oftentimes, when businesses try to market their products or something else to both their prospects and most loyal customers, they will utilize marketing tools to showcase what they have. While flyers are usually not enough for this purpose since they only consist of a single page, businesses will opt to go with brochures which may either be bifold or trifold. But for them to be able to maximize the number of products that they can showcase, they will often resort to using multi-paged catalogs.

This way, they may be able to include all, if not most, of their products on this tool. Unlike brochures that only contain images and a text to describe the entire product list, catalogs have much more detailed contents. With catalogs, businesses may be able to include some additional content to support the images, and this can be done by writing down descriptions for each product. This way, it will further entice prospects and readers to avail of the products that your business is offering.

If you are running a jewelry business and are in need of a catalog design to showcase the jewelry that you have, then look no further since we have already got that covered for you. If you check out what’s below, you will see a collection of the best business catalog designs that you can choose from, some of these are multi-paged while some are simply folded. To get you started, see the catalog designs yourself by scrolling down.

Dark Circle Icon Jewelry Catalog Design

Now that you have decided to scroll down to see our collection of catalog designs, check out the first one on this list. On the cover page of this advertising design bears a portrait image of a woman holding up a handful of jewelries. While you may be able to use a stock photo for this, it is best that you go with your own image to give it a more personal touch. All you need to do to achieve this is get your own model to be the face of your business and have her pose while showcasing the actual jewelries that you are offering.

Woman Portrait Jewelry Catalog Design

If you didn’t quite feel that the previous jewelry catalog design is really for you, then you may want to check out the one shown above. Just like any other catalog design, this one consists of multiple pages for the business to be able to maximize the showcasing of all their jewelries. For those who wish to use this catalog design, they may be able to use the inner sheets as a single page, or they may also use it as two depending on the scale of the products being advertised.

Blue Dressed Woman Jewelry Catalog Design

Here is another jewelry catalog design that you may also be interested in, and while the outer page somewhat looks similar to the previous ones that we have just shown you, it gets different once you start flipping the pages. Inside, you can see that the pages are being divided equally into columns where businesses can use each division for each of their products. In addition to that, for each division on the inner sheets, they may use the upper half for the image of the product and the lower half of the product description.

Colorful Background Jewelry Catalog Design

Yellow Stock Jewelry Catalog Design

If you have a specific color theme to your jewelry catalog or to your business itself, then you may consider using the catalog design shown above, especially if your theme is yellow. If not, then you are always allowed to change the hue of color scheme to something that fits appropriately to the theme of your business. For this catalog design, its cover page maximizes its use on the upper and lower borders and simply leaves little but enough room in the middle for the most highlighted product, which is the jewelry design.

Clean Stock Border Jewelry Catalog Design

Now let’s go back to a simpler jewelry catalog with this minimalist design. To add to the simplicity in the appearance of this catalog design, it maximizes its use of white space as seen from the image above. From the front page itself, the top and bottom borders are thick but just enough to provide a sufficient amount of white spaces, and this not only helps in emphasizing the image of the highlighted product, but it also makes the design easy on the eyes.

Elegant Trifold Jewelry Catalog Design

While all of the previous catalog designs that we have shown you here adapted a booklet style, the design that we are about to show you leans more toward an unconventional with its trifold appearance. While not entirely a new thing because we have seen brochures like this, but when it comes to catalogs, we almost always associate it with a booklet of the products being offered. But if you can organize the contents of your catalog into six columnar divisions including the cover page, then why not use a trifold design?

Bokeh Effects Backdrop Jewelry Catalog Design

Before you say that this catalog design is just as similar as the other ones on this list, it probably bests that you check on the most subtle details added to the design, especially on the cover page. If you still cannot find the details that we are referring to, then you may want to check the bokeh effects added to the background design of the portrait image. This may be a minor enhancement to the design, but it is already sufficient for adding to its level of appeal. For the inner pages of this design, the background for each sheet is in white or at least a bright color to help make the image of the product stand out.

Yellow and Green Bifold Jewelry Catalog Design

The root colors for green are blue and yellow, and we have already learned that when we were taught the basics of colors. But these two often go hand in hand when they are being used together, just check out the catalog design shown above, in which the color scheme is in green and yellow. By the looks of the image provided above, the use of the two colors for this design proves they are able to compliment each other. However, if you believe that neither of the two colors fit the theme of your business, then you may be able to change either or both of the colors to something that is more appropriate.

White Minimalist Jewelry Catalog Design

Catalogs come in different forms and sizes, and for the most ones that we have just shown you on this list, they were in either small, square-shaped, or in landscape orientation. To make this design different from the others, this one makes use of a portrait orientation and the design itself is printed on a larger medium, making this catalog resemble a magazine. But then again, there was never a rule stating how small or how big catalogs should be.

Now that you have gotten to this point in this article, we assume that you have seen each of every jewelry catalog design in our collection. The question now would be, have you figured out which of these designs work best for your business? If you have, then you have made the best choice since these designs have been gathered from the best of the best on the Internet, and were created by some of the world’s most talented and imaginative graphic artists.

With regards to the level of editability of these catalog designs, we assure you that as long as you have the software needed, they won’t be as stress-inducing as you may expect since they are in vector format. Many graphic designers choose to work with vector files since they are very easy to edit since they are versatile, the elements can be individualized, and they are able to preserve their sharpness and overall quality even after being edited.

Last but not the least is the cost of downloading these high-quality and professional-grade catalog designs. Would you believe us if we said that you may be able to download any of these at a very reasonable price? That even if you’re on a tight budget, you may still be able to get your hands on these? You better believe it. And if you’ve already found a particular design that caught your interests, go ahead and download it, we guarantee that you have got nothing to lose with our jewelry catalog designs.

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