Labor Day celebrations began in 1882 as a way to boost the moral of the working class. At that time, working conditions across the country and the world were harsh and workers seek to get rid of or at least alleviate their plight. A lot of things has happened since then and we are now enjoying the benefits of the rallies, boycotts, negotiations, and some deaths of fellow workers in the past centuries.

Today, if you want to tell a person or a group of people that you appreciate their service and are thankful for the good job that they are continuously doing to keep our modern world up and running, you can give them something as simple as a greeting card. And since there is a nationally recognized holiday dedicated to our working class, Labor Day greeting cards have naturally evolved too.

Just like birthday greeting cards, Labor Day greeting cards are used to acknowledge someone’s contribution to the workforce. Anyone can send a Labor Day greeting card. Even company bosses and owners can send these cards to their own employees. Perhaps because, in a sense, company owners still do work for their own businesses.

What to Write in a Labor Day Greeting Card

Labor Day greeting cards are not the usual garden variety greeting card. In fact, fewer people even treat this holiday as greeting card worthy enough. Maybe this is because our culture does not put much emphasis on the importance of a day assigned to celebrate the working class. This may also be attributed to the party atmosphere that the Labor Day weekend is more known for.

But in the event that you find yourself wanting to send a good old Labor Day greeting card, here are some tips you can follow so that you can write good greeting card messages.

  • Write from the heart. As cheesy as it may sound, writing truly heartfelt card messages often makes a difference when giving greeting cards since one’s message will always trump a lackluster card design. Greeting card recipients universally recognize the effort a person has to make in order to allot time for writing and to physically do the task.
  • Add humor on your message. Just like holiday card designs, Labor Day greeting cards tend to be generic. It is difficult to find a printable Labor Day card since it is not a famous card-giving occasion. To help balance out this problem, it is best to insert humor in your message. You can do this by copying a relevant joke from the Internet or you can talk about an in-joke between you and the card recipient.
  • When all else fails, just say thank you. Labor Day greeting cards can also be a stand-in for a professional thank-you card. You can do this by just thanking a person for this his or her continued service. This type of Labor Day greeting card may be sent to people whom you do not have a close relationship with or those people who you do not want to alienate—particularly your bosses, supervisors, or parent in law. The important thing is that you have acknowledged the person’s hard work and that the person knows that he or she is being appreciated.
  • Invite the recipient to a Labor Day party or gathering. In the United States, Labor Day celebration routinely means having or going to parties. So if you plan to send Labor Day greeting cards in commemoration of the holiday, why not also use them as a subtle invitation to whatever Labor Day gathering you are planning. This way, you are able to send a greeting card that also mimics an invitation card design all rolled into one.
  • Remind him or her of her of the true meaning of Labor Day. Parents and adults can especially apply this tip when sending Labor Day greeting cards to those of the younger generation. In the message portion of the card, write a few anecdotes of the labor movement history and the significance of the holiday. This is a perfect opportunity to teach history while ensuring that the kids do not get bored. And in order to not come off like a preacher, you may even incorporate cool dragon logo designs to signify the strength of the early 19th century labor workers.

Vintage Labor Day Greeting Card

Labor Day is for the workers. This Vintage Labor Day Greeting Card accurately exemplifies that with its drawing of a laborer pushing a loaded wheelbarrow. It aptly captures the image of the original workers who sought for better worker compensation and treatment since the height of the Industrial Revolution. If you want a card design that best shows this message, then this is the greeting card design for you.

Retro Labor Day Greeting Card

This next card design is a Retro Labor Day Greeting Card. It features a wrench and a screwdriver tucked in coverall pockets. It may suit recipients who have blue-collar jobs or if you are trying to be ironic with your greeting card choice. Also note that this card is a printable template. This means that you can download the file containing it and have it printed at home or a print shop.

Balloons Labor Day Greeting Card

If you want a minimalist approach to your greeting card choices, then this Labor Day greeting card featuring balloons and a mouse will get your message across. As with any minimalist card designs, the card face is bare except for the balloon and a mouse drawing. It also follows a black, red, and blue color scheme. This card design is perfect for those who want to send a card with witty symbolism. You can give to your parents, coworkers, or even employees.

Stars and Stripes Labor Day Greeting Card

The Stars and Stripes Greeting Card embedded above is a good example of a patriotic greeting card. This card design exudes the fiery sense of patriotism with the white flame and star pattern design. This card may suit those who have served the country and the government for a number of years. Nonetheless, it may also be given to different people with different occupations depending on your preference.

Handmade Labor Day Greeting Card

Handmade card designs are not limited to birthday and/or Christmas celebrations. This Handmade Labor Day Greeting Card may suit those who works in the creative industry. Recipients of this greeting card will also appreciate the effort put into making this card. And since this is a handmade card, you can spice up your own greeting card by using only art materials that are available in your own home.

Where to Get Labor Day Greeting Cards

As mentioned earlier, giving greeting cards during Labor Day is not as popular a custom as birthday card giving is. So if you are thinking of gifting a Labor Day greeting card to your colleagues or your employees, explore these few sources of reliable Labor Day greeting cards. Etsy is mostly an online marketplace for handcrafted stuff and some graphic design printable templates. If you are looking for Labor Day greeting cards on Etsy, you should either search for Labor Day greeting cards or Workers’ Day cards. Do note that some search results will be about Russian Labor Day celebration cards, so you should be careful in selecting a card. At Etsy, some sellers offer both a Web printable template listing and a handmade listing. Choosing a printable listing means that the seller will send you a PSD or AI file format containing the greeting card design and you will be the one to edit and print out the card design. While handmade listings means that it is the seller who will customize, print out the cards, and the mail the finished product to your address. Of course, handmade listings typically cost more. Other sellers or designers may also ask for additional fees for customization and shipping of the card/s. Zazzle is an online marketplace for digital templates and handcrafted products just like Etsy. However, Zazzle creates all the products that they sell. The site also has more Labor Day greeting cards than other sites. Most of the Labor Day greeting card designs embedded on this article are from Zazzle. The site also allows customization in terms of changing the addressee name, date, and the type of paper that the card will be printed on. Zazzle offers discounts on cards bought in sets or in bulk. and We lump the two sites (Hallmark and American Greeting Cards) since these two sites offer Labor Day eCards. Sadly, there are no dedicated Labor Day cards from their main websites, so you may just settle on their eCards. Nonetheless, the two sites are good sources of Labor Day greeting cards if you want to send them electronically. If you want other types of cards (like Christmas card designs), the websites of Hallmark and American Greeting Cards can be a rich resource.

Pinterest. Pinterest is an online board where you can “pin” any picture, link, or GIF. In terms of card design, this website can be a treasure trove of handmade Labor Day greeting cards. Remember that most Pinterest boards are user-created. So if you find a good Labor Day greeting card design over there, chances are, they are the only copy in the world. And if you want to recreate that design, you may have to create the card yourself or ask the original card-maker to create one for you.

Dribbble. Dribbble is an online hub for designers where they can share their creations. If you are not satisfied with the Labor Day greeting card designs you find online, the next best step to take is to hire a graphic designer. And is one of the best places to do that. On the site, you can search for the thing that you are looking for, choose between the different creations from different designers, and contact these designers. For instance, you can search for obscure topics like tea party invitation designs and there will be design suggestions for that on the site.

 Cupcakes Labor Day Greeting Card

This Cupcake Labor Day Greeting Card has a cutesy effect, that is why it is a good present for any working female. The card boasts a simple design that can also be used as an excuse for gifting the card to any male. When using this card, do not forget to add a short handwritten message on the inside flap. Labor Day is a time to be thankful for all the work that the labor force does.

Cat Labor Day Greeting Card

For those who want to do away with serious greeting cards, try this cool Cat Labor Day Greeting Card instead. You do not have to take everything seriously since it is going to be Labor Day weekend after all. There will be cookouts, parties, and a chance to rest more due to the three-day holiday. This card may suit cat lovers (obviously) and those who will appreciate a good chuckle with the funny card cover image. But if you want a slightly more adventurous Labor Day experience, perhaps you should plan a gathering with friends and/or family and send out Labor Day BBQ invitation cards instead.

Chevron Labor Day Greeting Card

A chevron pattern design often represents luxury and strength. And when it is combined with star-shaped patterns to create a greeting card, it can radiate the feelings patriotism and nationalism. This Chevron Labor Day Greeting Card is suitable for those who wants a no-nonsense card given to fellow employees or to one’s boss. Children may also choose this card if they want to impress their parents with a professional card design for the Labor Day.

Flag Labor Day Greeting Card

Businesses and individuals alike can use this Flag Labor Day Greeting Card since it has a universal appeal. Just by looking at the card face, the recipient will know exactly what the card represents. When it is given during the labor day, the recipient will readily know that the card sender is thankful for his or her contribution to the workforce. But if you want to be ironic about your card choice, you can give this card to anyone.

Sunset Labor Day Greeting Card

This Sunset Labor Day Greeting Card accurately showcases what the Labor Day holiday means to most people—three days off work. Those who are working can attest to the fact that they do not get that much time off. That is why during work holidays like Labor Day, people tend to go all out with their partying and/or vacations. If you want to remind people of this sentiment, best send this card. Do not forget to add a few lines for the recipient and he or she will surely appreciate you for all your effort.

Activities You Can Do During the Labor Day Weekend

Aside from the obvious party-til-you-drop advice, here are other things you can do during the long Labor Day weekend.

  • Have a staycation. Traveling to another town, state, or even country during the Labor Day weekend can get exhausting since everyone else is also doing the same thing. If you prefer to stay away from long airport lines, why not just spend some time at home and take a staycation instead. To create a more vacation-y feeling, you may even pack a small bag, a few essentials and clothes. Take this time to do things you would normally not do during your workweek. As an added rule, you may even force yourself to not do laundry or clean the yard while you are on your “vacation” and just do the cleaning after (hypothetically) you get back.
  • Hold a picnic or backyard barbecue gathering. Do not be tempted to read Labor Day party flyers for club parties in your area. Instead, organize or go to a picnic or backyard cookout instead. These types of events generally are more low-key and will not leave you hungover the next day. Picnics and barbecue events also tend to draw out the family types so you will have a more wholesome sort of fun.
  • Pool party. The Labor Day weekend is considered as the unofficial end of summer. That is why pool parties are scheduled during this holiday. If you have visited the beach during summer, then a pool party gathering should be part of your weekend schedule. If you prefer a subdued party atmosphere, it is better to organize a pool party that will only be attended by close friends and relatives. This way, the people gathered will not be rowdy and will instead help promote a relaxing weekend experience.
  • Pamper yourself with a spa time. Labor Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to reward yourself with some ME time. And you can best do that by going to a spa club, getting an in-home spa service, or giving yourself a DIY spa treatment. Whatever floats your boat, do it. Allot this time for yourself only. And when the next working day comes, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the challenges at work.
  • Catch up with your reading. If you love reading and revel with the smell of a bound book, why not use your Labor Day weekend to catch up with your reading? No one is required to attend parties and gatherings during this holiday. (Well, unless your job requires it and that’s too bad.) You can best spend your weekend curled up in your reading nook with a cup of coffee on one hand, and a good book in another. Ahhh, just thinking about that makes you feel excited, right?
  • See old friends and relatives. Some families utilize the Labor Day weekend as a time to have clan reunions or even just small get-togethers since it is the perfect juncture before school starts again. School-age children, adult cousins, parents, and grandparents can all see each other again (or for the last time) before school starts and every one else gets too busy. If you are living away from home, take this opportunity to travel back home and see your parents. If that is not an option, you can always go visit old friends in your area and reconnect. You do not have to do this alone. You can team up with your best friend or office coworker and you both find some old friend you want to talk to. (And if you want to do a more challenging task, why not find a new friend too?)
  • Clean your closet. It is the end of summer. Right. Not the spring. But if you have not cleaned your closet or any part of your apartment or house in the last year, perhaps you can best use your Labor Day weekend to do just that? It is also time to get out those clothes that you think will match with fall/winter fashion trends so that you will be ready when the new season starts. If you are working, this may be the only free time that you will have in the next few months, so better use it wisely, eh?
  • Cook a special meal or bake. The Labor Day holiday is primarily to celebrate the millions of workers who help propel the economy. If you are feeling especially altruistic, you may cook a special meal or bake something for a retired elder in your neighborhood or the trusted garbage collector and street cleaner. Almost all people (except children) work. But it means a lot to those blue-collar workers whose jobs are essential for us to live in a well-functioning society without us knowing it.
  • Send Labor Day greeting cards or e-Cards. Sending Labor Day greeting cards is not a common practice today. However, some people still do it. If you want to follow on this trend and/or if you have realized the importance of this action (acknowledging a person’s hard work), then you may consider creating and sending a Labor Day greeting card.
  • Assess your life priorities. Do you love your current job? Do you see yourself doing what you are doing for the next six months, the next year, or the next five or ten years? What do you want to do with your life? The long weekend leading up to Labor Day is a good time to ask yourself and to re-assess your priorities in life.
  • Sleep. A long weekend and you are not required to go to work is the perfect setup for also catching up on your sleep. If you do not particularly care about parties, assessing your life priorities, or spending time with friends and family members, then you better go get some sleep during this time period. But don’t sleep for too long as you may only ruin your circadian rhythm when it’s time for you to go back to work.

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