Medical healthcare providers are one of the most hardworking professionals you can ever find. Among that profession, physicians are considered the busiest. These professionals work non-stop just to tend to their patients’ health concerns. During regular days, they would spend time doing their rounds in hospitals they are affiliated in, then they would attend to patients coming to their respective clinics for consultation. Even after their usual shift, they may still be called to attend to their patients’ needs in case problems arise.

In honor of these busy professionals, National Doctors’ Day is celebrated, though the date of the celebration may vary among countries. Most countries celebrate National Doctors’ Day on the 30th of March, while some do it on the 1st of July, a date that is just around the corner. This is why we are offering you our collection of high resolution medical and/or hospital brochure designs here on our website, check them out yourself.


Blue Modern Medical Trifold Brochure

While you can choose to promote your career as a doctor through business cards, you will need to use something that holds more information if you wish to promote an institution you own or are managing. This is when brochures become useful. With the brochure design above, it describes the services being offered in that institution as well as the benefits that patients may receive from the institution.


Medical Company Bifold Brochure Design

Give the readers the impression of a professionally-made brochure with this design. On the front page itself, readers will be greeted with a brochure cover page that looks similar to those you can find on story books.

The inside pages explains to the readers the various services offered in the facility, some testimonials from previous clients, and a few more important information that a reader will need to know about the institution.


What is a Medical Brochure?

Just like any other brochure, a medical brochure is a promotional and advertising tool used to publicize a business or its products and services. However, medical brochures, it leans more toward marketing either a healthcare facility, diagnostic procedures or any medical service, or even drugs that are new to the market.

Medical brochures may come in various forms, it may either be in two or three folds, or it may also be in a booklet form depending on the amount of information it holds.


Medical Business Trifold Brochure

For a dark-themed trifold brochure, download the design above. Some people would prefer a dark-theme more than bright ones because they consider it easier on the eyes, especially when reading for long periods of time.

With this brochure design, the amount of typography and the number of images used are perfectly balanced to provide readers with important details about the facility while also giving them images to support those information.


Square Medical Brochure Design

A4 Layered Medical Brochure Template

If you think the letter paper size is a bit short and the legal size too long, then you can go for the paper size in between—the A4. The marketing brochure design above has been made specifically for printing on A4 sized papers, and is already big enough to hold all the most important information a reader needs to know about the medical center.


Modern Stylish Medical Brochure Design

For a creative approach on the brochure’s cover page, download the design above. The cover makes use of a special effect to show what doctor is either specializing or examining. In this case, the cardiologist is examining a patient’s heart, which is presented to us in a holographic way. On another note, the image above is a good way of visualizing the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away“.


Pills Capsules Medical Brochure

The Advantage of Using Brochures

  • For a very compact size, brochures hold a lot of information needed for a reader. These include the brand of the company, the different products and services offered by that company, supporting images to show readers how the services are being rendered, and some feedback from previous clients.
  • Brochures are easy to make and inexpensive. Download any of our designs for a very reasonable fee and all you need to do is to provide the needed information, add some more necessary features, and remove the ones that you think are irrelevant.
  • Brochures are versatile when it comes to design as well as its distribution. You can be as creative as you want with brochures, just make sure not to make the design too cluttered. With the distribution, you can either hand it directly to the public, or you can stick it inside the pages of a magazine or newspaper. Another way of distributing brochures is by leaving it on counter tops in places where a lot of people go such as hotel lobbies, coffee shops, or doctors’ clinics.

A4 Medical Brochure Design Template

Printable Medical Vector Brochure Design

Download this illustrator brochure design if you prefer to use clip arts or vector illustrations rather than actual still photographs as images. On the cover page, the medical illustrations are presented in line art. The colors blue and pink which makes the whole cover page appear delightful while maximizing the use of white space to make it look tidy at the same time.


Modern Abstract Medical Brochure Design


Being straightforward can also be artistic at the same time, especially if you want to balance both qualities. On the sample advertising brochure above, the design bears an image of an open capsule to symbolize the medical field, and the information about the facility is organized to make it easy to read.

To keep the design from looking bland or dull, the surrounding edges contain a pattern or multi-colored hexagons of different sizes. If this is what you’re looking for from a brochure, then download the design above.


Colorful Vectors Medical Elements Brochure


Being a professional does not have to be boring. While most brochure designs for professionals tend to be formal, this one leans towards a more casual feel but still maintaining its purpose of promoting a professional medical institution.

The outer cover pages of this printable brochure makes use of colorful and artistic vector illustrations related to the medical field, which is very effective to catch the attention from prospects.


Medical Essential Brochure Design Template


How to Make Brochures Using our Design Templates

  • After choosing a design from among our gallery of sample brochures, click on the download button and pay the required fee.
  • Open the downloaded file on a photo editing software and start editing the brochure design. While these designs are compatible with most photo editors, we highly recommend you install Adobe Photoshop on your computer and use it for editing for the best compatibility.
  • Once the design is finalized, have it printed. If you have a printer capable of printing sharp and vibrant images, you simply need to buy high quality paper and you can print your brochures yourself. However, if you don’t, then you may also have your design printed at printing companies for a fee.


To conclude, the brochure designs on our website are of top-notch quality because we made sure that we provide you with the most effective ones to help you promote your business. Now, start getting your fingers busy and click that download button!

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