Perms are finally making a comeback, and the modern day perm is not just limited to the voluminous frizzy hair of the past but the real tightness and definition of the curls. If straightening was never your style choice, these perm looks will give you 10 new reasons to love and flaunt your curls.

1. Spiral Perm

This spiral shaped perm is the perfect style if you are looking for a sophisticated edge that is great for office as well as the dance floor. The hair will look good with a suit and mini, which calls for the versatility of the style.

2. Natural Looking Perm

The natural looking perm is a great way to create spiralled curls down your back for a dramatic and fuller look. This closely curled pattern creates a luscious set of waves that will definitely gain the attention in any party or gathering.

3. Edgy Perm Look

If you think perm will make you look like an outdated 80s sitcom star, this look will definitely change your opinion. Modern and edgy, just shave off the side and let the soft curls in the middle create the drama.

4. Acid Perm

If you are looking for a perm with the least use of chemicals then an acid perm is the best suitable option for medium length hair. The acid perm procedure lets you achieve loose S-shaped curls with least damage, which is best for people who are new to perming.

5. Crazy Curl Perm

The look is not just for older ladies, it can very well be pulled off by girls. If you are looking to express yourself and want a crazy big updo, crazy curl perm is the best fit.

6. Permed Hair for Older Women

As older women need a little bit more volume to camouflage the thinning strands, therefore, a gentle perm on short hair is the ideal choice. The style gives the illusion of necessary volume without damaging the sensitive strands.

7. Beachy Perm Hair

If you are planning for a coastal holiday, one hair look to try is definitely the beachy perm hair. With the wet and loose curls (sans the salt water damage), creating a style that is perfect for the time near the ocean.

8. Long Bob Perm

Medium length hair with a loose set of curls help to frame the face, and the stacked up layers create a voluminous effect, which is sexy and big.

9. Tight Curl Perm

If you are looking for a tight curl perm, this is certainly the go-to hairstyle. Tight curls come together to create height and volume and also add an endless amount of texture that goes very well with the hairstyle.

10. Messy Permed Bun

The messy bun is a great hairstyle to try with permed hair. With loose curls falling on face, the look comes out textured and of course beautifully messy.

With the growing popularity and acceptance of waves and trend, permed hair is definitely the loved style of the season. Choose the one that matches well with your length and face cut and sport a voluminous look throughout the season.

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